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Default Dino Nation Blog: Jacked About A Loss!!!

Originally Posted by James Borbath
So, who is with me, that it is funny as hell that Quincy Douby who was on verge of being traded has lead Raptors in scoring first 2 games of summer league. Memphis can be a lot of motivation and the fact you don't go there...Priceless. I remember hearing Colangelo on Toronto radio, talking glowingly about the progress Douby was making in Vegas(He works out there not now). However I took it as just talk. But maybe as Bryan said in an interview during the game, telling the truth in the best thing to do, because people think your not. He was saying that in reference to having expressed his interest in Demar DeRozan early on. Today was another step for DeRozan and he scored 20 in a 4 point loss to the Pistons. But it is clear although there is work to be done DeRozan is all that was advertised. Having a guy like Brent Petway and some others that can challenge him in practice should only help matters. Forgot to mention Douby had 21 to lead the Raps.

But what might be the biggest news of all did not happen on the basketball court. During the broadcast, it was mentioned that Jarrett Jack former Georgia Tech team-mate of Chris Bosh, may be coming to the Raptors. Now unconfirmed reports that Jack has in fact signed an offer sheet. Tricky move by B.C to feel a need and add on more piece to the puzzle to convince Chris Bosh to stay. Jack and Bosh had a close relationship in college and I suspect still are friends you would have to believe. It is just another move that might make Chris Bosh pause for a second and look towards Toronto. But to suggest that Jack would be coming here just as bait to keep Bosh is not fair to him. He in his own right in a pretty solid option and the point guard and can play some 2 as he did with T.J Ford. So Jackron is coming to the Raptors? Or is it CalderJack. Whatever it is could be very good. Roko Ukic at least in my eyes has not made the amount of progress you would want to see.

Story on Jack Rumour

More From Doug Smith In Toronto Star

Raptors did fall to the Pistons by the way 91-87.

Boxscore Pistons/Raps

So despite an 0-2 Record there is still LOTS TO BE JACKED UP ABOUT. Be it Demar DeRozan, Jarrett Jack and yes my guy Brent Petway who but in another solid day of work. No jaw jacking jams but doing all the little things kind like an A.P would do. Bryan Colangelo is quickly climbing back to the lofty status of sainthood in Raptor land. Pacers could match this over but it is another brilliant and bold stroke. If anyone is unclear. Let me spell it out for you. Bryan Colangelo is doing everything on God's green earth to keep Chris Bosh. That is the plan and it seems pretty damn obvious. However if for some reason he should fail he still is adding a lot of quality parts that would make Toronto and attractive option. There is that old expression it is always darkest before the dawn. Well I may just believe that Dawn is fast approaching after what just weeks ago seemed like a very bleak and hopeless outlook for the Toronto Raptors.
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is pounding

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nice read....
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"Douby had 21 to lead the Raps."


and some of you guys want to trade him... he deserves a shot
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si sugob.

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straight out of COMPTON
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interesting blog
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is pounding the rock!

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i hate douby, he's to small for the nba
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a Raptors fan

Free DeMar DeRozan

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Quincy has a better of chance of contributing to this team than Jawai ever did.
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But this was Doubys league. In real NBA he is what he is, an undersized chucker with no defence or PG skills
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