Dino Nation Blog: The Biggest Question is Still The Same
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Default Dino Nation Blog: The Biggest Question is Still The Same

Courtesy of James Borbath from Dino Nation Blog.

Originally Posted by James Borbath
Bosh unlike V.C does see that he needs to play a part in that winning. When the topic of the idea of an extension came up Bosh did not flat out say no. Which is progress because in July he had pretty much when asked. What he said is it would have to make more sense then the original plan he had when he signed his current contract. If that does not happen the elephant in the room all year will be Bosh's upcoming free agency and if the Raptors are part of that mix.

What seems pretty clear is Bosh is happy with all that Bryan has done in rebuilding this team. It is also clear that Bosh plans on having a huge year. He was put in a ton of work for this season looking to cash in. I still think that deep down Bosh would like to have success here as opposed to elsewhere. I think Bosh takes a lot of pride in the fact that he is "the Franchise" player in Toronto. People who have covered the team for years were commenting that Bosh looks bigger. He says himself that he has added 15 to 20 pounds and it is all muscle according to media folks. That is a change from a few years ago when Bosh had seemed to be resigned to the fact he could not get bigger. A change in training and promise of a max contract can be motivating to say the least.
Also, note where James will be later this week.

Originally Posted by James Borbath
The Dino Nation Blog is GOING TO TRAINING CAMP. I am that 6ft ex-football player and will be heading up for training camp on Friday for both sessions. Not sure if I will be around for the scrimmage on Saturday will see. I thank the Raptors for the opportunity. As you may have figured they do not just let anyone come to cover the team. So I see it as a privilege and one I hope to take it advantage of. Hopefully this can be a start of working with the Raptors more. But like everything with the Dino Nation Blog we will take it a step at a time and enjoy the journey. So if the blog is a bit screwed up this week that is the reason why. I have a lot of personal things to take care of in order to make this trip possible. But also a thanks to all of you that read the Dino Nation Blog...I work hard to do more for all of the great folks that read this thing as much as I do for myself.
Source - Dino Nation Blog: The Biggest Question is Still The Same.
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is tired of all the Jose hating on this forum! sigh...

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great to see things happening for James! let's hope the Raps figure the Bosh thing out quickly
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Thanks to Doc, Tankman and all of you. I am sorry I don't get on here as much but I am trying to work hard to do more and all of that. But please know I am always thankful for the support from the folks here at Raps Forum. Since Doc invited me/ made me aware of this group I have enjoyed it and think 98.9% of the people here are great...Not a 100% because let's face it no one is going to like every single person but the vast majority of the people here are great and the people who run things work hard and have passion.

Also have a poll up on the Blog looking for who you would like to here from the most when I am at camp beyond the obvious core folks. So please vote and let me know. I will do what I can to deliver on whatever player ends up the winner of the poll.
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It would be a fantastic story if toronto wins big, even a title in the next few years, with Bosh as the best player. It would make a huge difference for toronto as a big nba city, but also for top stars unhappy with their mediocre teams by showing that persistency does pay off, at least on occasions.
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