Dino Nation: 10 Things I Never Expected This Raptors Season
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Default Dino Nation: 10 Things I Never Expected This Raptors Season

Courtesy of Dino Blogger.

Originally Posted by Dino Nation Blog
10 things that I did not expect to happen this Raptor Season.

10- Jose Calderon Gets Benched- I mean given all that was expected if you had told me in March that Jose Calderon would be benched down the stretch of a game I would have laughed. I know that I am not a Jose fan but this is the main guy and I never would have thought he would be benched for Anthony Parker to play the point.

9- J.O being Traded- I give Colangelo credit for correcting his error when it comes to O'Neal but to actually have traded you big off-season pick up is truly shocking.

8- Talking Draft and Not Playoffs in March- I really am shocked that the Raptors are totally out of it. March Madness is always something I love and watch. But to be watching wondering who would make a good lottery pick for the Raptors. Unreal.

7- Jay Triano as Coach of Raptors- I think Sam Mitchell getting fired was not a total shock. The timing of it likely was. I really was hopefully this day would come for Jay Triano. However the spot he has been put in has been awful. It all is a shame.

6- Joey Graham Being A Key Rotation Player- I know that I have always been the voice of anti-Joey things. But I give him credit for taking advantage of what has been an awful season for most. He has done enough to get himself another contract in the NBA. I just hope it is not here. That being said I am happy that Joey will likely get to remain in the league. Something heading into this season I think would have been questioned by a lot of folks.

5- Awful Defense- We made the trade in the summer to get better on defense. Bosh had a summer of playing great defense for team USA. The Raptor defense has never been great. But this season has been truly brutal. Be it Mitchell or Triano this team has failed to stop anybody for most of the season and it continues on.

4- Wing Woes- I knew that the Raptors were not going to be strong at the wing spots. But this has been awful. Part of how Joey has had the chances I mentioned in #6 was because Jason Kapono, Jamario Moon (Now in Miami) and Anthony Parker. Just a total meltdown failure. Jamario Moon went from Cinderella to an Ugly Step Sister in terms of his story. A.P looks older and slower and is more inconsistent than ever. Jason Kapono has just been awful. It all adds up to bad things for the Raptors and it has.

3- Andrea Bargnani- The one bright spot is a sea of woe. Andrea Bargnani has had a great 3rd season and has been a happy surprise. I was convinced he was mentally gone and not coming back. However through all the losing and all the problems the most consistent thing about this team may be Andrea Bargnani. If that does not shock a lot of people I am not sure what will.

2- In Honour of Total Disrespect Of Fans We Give You The TSN 2 Mess
- O.K it is MARCH AND THIS IS STILL NOT SOLVED. GIVE ME A BREAK. I am stunned and saddened that this is still something we are talking about. I have said it all in the past and I am not going to bother repeating myself. The latest move by MLSE that I mentioned off the top does not erase this issue by a long shot. THIS IS WRONG WRONG WRONG and should be a total embarrassment for all involved.

1- CB4 and You The People- If someone had told me people would be demanding for Bosh to be traded in March back in November I think everyone would laugh. But that is where we are with a lot of fans wanting to get rid of Chris Bosh. I am not among them. But the fact that people are trying to make comparisons to Vince Carter and Chris Bosh although they are not true in my view still is amazing. It will be an interesting summer and I am hopeful that when all the smoke clears I will still see Chris Bosh in a number 4 jersey.
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The Awful Defense, Wing Woes and the CB4 ones I expected. Hell, they've been around since 2006.
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5 game win streaking

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I'm shocked the Raptors are having such a bad season, it wouldn't be so bad if we were @ the bottom of the Western conference. But the east? Toronto? 6 million people in toronto metro can't get a winning NBA team?

I loooove the raptors, but their "fun to watch" ability has slipped, when we're down on the scoreboard, i know the games over.
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The score was having a video call with nba tv. It was Chris Webber, and Sam mitchell and it was pretty funny cause sam new raptor fans were watching on the score so when they showed him he had a lil smirk on his face saying "HAHAHHAHA you Raptors still suck, even more without me".
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