Dino Nation: 1-on-1 with Eric Smith
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Default Dino Nation: 1-on-1 with Eric Smith

James had a nice interview with Eric yesterday which they touched on the upcoming season but specifically the expectations for JO, MVP talk regarding Bosh and some of the concerns coming out of the preseason.

Click the link at the bottom to read the entire interview.

Originally Posted by Dino Nation
Dino Blogger: Will Solomon has gotten labeled by some fans as a Mike James type of point guard. So I asked Eric as maybe a warm up for when Hoops gets started if he thought the fan comparison was a fair one or not?

Eric Smith: I guess there is a little bit to it. People have to understand that Will Solomon is coming to a team right now and he asked to play a different role. Now the Raptors wouldnít have brought him in and paid him that money to do that role if they didnít think he was capable of adapting and filling that need. But here is a guy that has been playing overseas for how many years now and he is a guy that is use to being the scorer and go to guy. Handling the ball but also controlling the ball, deciding whatís going on, hitting the big shot, being the go to guy. Now he is coming in and he is being asked to essentially transform again. Be a distributor and be a guy that is not always looking for your shot. But at the same time look to attack and look for your shot when it is there. It is a fine balance that any point guard has but especially for a point guard that is not use to being that traditional pass first guy.

I actually spoke to Jose about this a couple of weeks ago. Jose was saying pretty much what I just said. He has to tell both Roko and Will to find that fine balance between making the proper decisions. Knowing when to pass but at the same time knowing that you still need to be aggressive and play your game and you need to play the game that people saw to bring you here. Bryan Colangelo knew that he had a guy that was an attacker that could score but he also that he needed a back up guard or that depth guard. I think you got to watch that fine balance which is hard for any point guard to do. Even for Jose Calderon when you come off that screen and roll are you going to shoot? are you going to pass? should you be always looking for the pass. You got to find those holes and know when to attack and when not to attack. Itís difficult and that much more for a guy like Will that is taking a new role he is coming into with this team.
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