Defense... Let's maybe try doing it Canadian Style
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Defense... Let's maybe try doing it Canadian Style

So if there is one thing we know about our beloved Raptors, it's that we don't currently have a top elite player on our team. This doesn't mean that we don't have good players. It just means that we don't have one specific person who is so good that they can take over a game like a Lebron or Kobe... and that's ok. Lots of teams have won in the past not having elite players like that. San Antonio and the Rockets come to mind. Both of those teams, had really great fundamentals and team play. This is something I do think the Raptors can do in the right system. We have a tonne of players whom to a degree are redundant in their abilities. I.E. Demar, Terrance, Rudy, yada, yada.... People have talked about this as being a bad thing, and i guess if you're just trying to have a really good group of starters it is. But it's not if you're playing a team game. Because essentially it means you're not getting much of a drop off when one player is replaced by another. Thus beings my Hockey analogy. In Hockey there are line changes every couple of minutes so that you get the maximum effort out of your players each moment they are out on the ice.
What I purpose the Raptors do defensively is run full court presses the entire game. Unlike the Raptors, most teams only have a starting line up. If you play smothering full court press all game, it's going to wear those guys down. Meanwhile our guys stay fresh because they get a breather when they get tired. Now I think they the thing that would help the team the most using this method is that almost everyone would always get to play so they'd be more engaged, and the better they use those minutes out on the court, the more "shifts" they get out on the court. I kind of feel like this is actually how Popovich plays in SanAntonio. Cory Joseph as a point of interest has earned more playoff minutes then DeColo and Patty Mills even though they played more during the season, because he can actually guard his own position. I think having these kind of incentives on a nightly basis would keep our "starters" engaged more on both sides. I think most of our young players just don't realize how much a game can be affected when you simply stop someone from scoring, by getting in front of them. Now to a degree as with hockey line shifts... if there's a good flow going that game with a group out on the court you ride them until they need a breather and then send them back out again. Anyrate, the main purpose of this thread, is to get the media talking about defense so that the young talent on the Raptors team start taking that part of the game seriously. I would love to hear about all the players chasing chickens at a farm, or running defensive drills all summer. This team can score.... we just can't score more than most teams. Hence.... defense. Your thoughts?
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I think you still need to have the right horses. You would need a team full of good and great players and some of the least selfish guys in the league. Not to say that stifling defense would not help this team to win, but there were a bunch of "ifs" that would have made this team more of a winner anyway.

If Bargnani had a heart and brought 80% of what Dirk brings.
If Fields contract went to a shooter who could defend.
If Acy, Ross and JV weren't rookies with no hair on their chests.
If Gay were here from the start of the season with a training camp.

Interesting to see if we're in for an upgrade of several positions one by one or a tear-down and re-build with high level players at all positions.
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San Antonio had Robinson and Duncan. Houston had Olajuwon. Those guys were not wings, but they sure were elite.
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Originally Posted by MikeToronto View Post
San Antonio had Robinson and Duncan. Houston had Olajuwon. Those guys were not wings, but they sure were elite.
Both teams that tanked to win...subliminal messages!
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so curious to see what Ujiri does.. We need better shooters and defenders asap
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