Daily Raptor Dish - 30.11.09
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Post Daily Raptor Dish - 30.11.09

A Sunday spanking

Chris Bosh scored 30 points and picked up 17 rebounds, and Phoenix Suns coach Alvin Gentry was pleased with how his team defended the Raptors' all-star forward.
"I know you guys are going to think I'm crazy," said Gentry, following the Suns' 113-94 victory over the Raptors at the Air Canada Centre. "But I do think we did a good job on him. With the muscle that he has added, I think he's impossible (to defend). I don't know how you guard him or what you do. He has the ability to set up outside and make jump shots and then he's so much stronger taking the ball inside on his post-ups now."
Bosh displayed all sides of his game yesterday, recording his NBA-leading 15th double-double.
The problem was, his teammates produced more bricks than a cement factory, shooting a dreadful 1-for-20 from three-point range, while Phoenix nailed 13. And, as has been the case much too often this season, the Raptors couldn't bring it together on defence, nor did they rebound well.
The Raptors were beat on the boards, 48-44, and the most by a Toronto player after Bosh was Hedo Turkoglu, who had eight.

Raptors getting tougher

This time there was no hesitation.
Chris Bosh was knocked down and the Raptors bench rose as one.
Instead of coaches Jay Triano and Alex English leading a shameful two-man charge out on to the floor to defend their captain, it was assistant Marc Iavaroni trying to hold back an entire bench and avoid the technical that goes to anyone entering the playing surface from the bench.
The object of all that pent-up anger was Amare Stoudemire, who threw Bosh to the court with a hard foul as the Raptors forward drove to the basket in the second quarter. There was no taunting by Stoudemire as Paul Pierce did the other night in Boston when he caught him with an accidental knee to a delicate area and then stood over him taunting the fallen Raptor. But this time, there was a response from Bosh's teammates which was completely different than the other night.

Raps misfire against Suns

He is steadfast in his resolve that things will turn around, that the lessons being taught eventually will be learned even as his team limps to the quarter mark of a long NBA regular season, dragging three straight defeats and six losses out of nine with it.
Jay Triano is nothing if not resolute, even in the face of increasingly tough results.
"I'm not sure if we want to panic yet on anything," Triano said after the Raptors were spanked 113-94 by Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns before a non-sellout crowd of 17,721 at the Air Canada Centre on Sunday.
Triano was reacting to a question about his level of satisfaction with his starting unit and his playing rotation as a whole in light of another mid-game collapse.
His immediate assessment of his 7-11 team, coming right after a one-sided loss and without a lot of time for contemplation, is that change is not afoot.

Suns trounce the Raptors 113-94

The Raptors tried this and that and the other thing and still Steve Nash made plays.
He saw big defenders, small defenders, two defenders and it didn't really matter.
Captain Canada made his once-a-season foray to his native land and put on a clinic Sunday as the Phoenix Suns trounced the Raptors 113-94 before a non-sellout crowd of 17,721 at the Air Canada Centre.
Nash, who is playing at such a high level his coach Alvin Gentry said "I wouldn't trade him for any guard in the league, I really wouldn't," had 20 points and 16 assists and shredded whatever defence the Raptors threw at him.

Raptors Blog by Doug Smith


Yes, you saw Chris Bosh get knocked down hard by Amare Stoudemire on a flagrant foul and yes, a bunch of Bosh’s teammates reacted in appropriate manner, most specifically Calderon, who got an elbow into Stoudemire’s chest to move him away.
And yes, it was duly noted by teammates and coaches.
But I’m not sure how many of you looked to the bench, where everyone got up and a couple made motions like they were going onto the court.
And there was Marc Iavaroni, doing precisely what an assistant coach has to do, making 100 per cent sure no Raptor actually took a step onto the court, which would have drawn an automatic suspension.
Watching it, it struck me that of all the people in the building, Marc would be the one with the most first-hand knowledge of how allowing players to even take one step towards an altercation can be a crippling blow.

Kid Canada romps over Raps

Two stars; two dressing rooms; two athletes at different stages of their careers on teams heading in different directions.
The Air Canada Centre is Chris Bosh’s home court, his place of work since he broke into the NBA as a gangly rookie in 2003.
But once a year, it feels like he’s the visitor – coinciding with the annual appearance by Steve Nash, the Phoenix Suns star point guard from Victoria. Nash authored the Suns’ casual 113-94 blowout of the Raptors yesterday afternoon in front of 17,721 fans who greeted Nash warmly and enthusiastically even as he was enjoying his 12th consecutive win over Toronto.
Does Nash take his citizenship seriously?
Apparently. He hasn’t been dressed and on the losing end of a game – home or away – to Canada’s NBA team since Nov. 2, 2001, when he was still with the Dallas Mavericks, a streak of 17 games over eight seasons.

Deja vu as Bosh goes it alone again

For both Chris Bosh and Steve Nash, it is the same as it ever was. That has to drive Bosh up the wall.
At 35, Nash's wizardry has not slowed. If anything, as he displayed during his Phoenix Suns' 113-94 win over the Toronto Raptors yesterday, he has become more efficient and cerebral in the decimation of his opponents.
At 25, Bosh's solitude has not changed.
Raptors president and general manager Bryan Colangelo overhauled the roster this summer, but Bosh is still the lone Raptor who can be counted on for anything of substance every single night.
Other than reserve forward Amir Johnson, every other Raptor has proven to be unreliable.
Although the Raptors' 1-for-20 three-point shooting did them in at the Air Canada Centre, defence, as has been the case rather routinely over the last half-decade, was again the problem. Nash, with 20 points and 16 assistants, exploited the Raptors' rather pathetic defence and the Suns shot at a 51% success rate.

Sunshine Girl - 30.11.09

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I can't believe rebounding gets brought up as an issue. How many more rebounds happened on our end than their end? We got more offensive boards than them no? It just didn't look like any kind of great disparity other than there were so many more missed shots by the Raps than the Suns.
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who photoshopped that dish
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Kind of a hack job.

At first I thought you meant the SSG.
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