Daily Raptor Dish - 23.02.10
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Default Daily Raptor Dish - 23.02.10

Bench bores Bosh

Chris Bosh didn’t practice.
He admitted he was still feeling pain in his ankle. He didn’t come right out and say Wednesday’s game was out of the question but he may as well have.
“I’m bored,” Bosh said looking every bit the part on Monday.
Bosh could still make a quick recovery. He could practice Tuesday and declare himself fit for action on Wednesday when the Raptors host Portland, but that appears unlikely.
“I’m not sure; I’m still in a little pain right now,” Bosh said. “We’re fortunate enough to have a few days in between games and we’re being really aggressive with the treatment and we’ll see how it is Wednesday.”
His practice yesterday, in his own words, consisted of “Walk around, sit down, shoot free throws. Yeah, I’m bored, man.”
Helping ease that boredom is the fact that his teammates have got the job done without him so far and the team as a whole has put itself in a good position heading into the final 27 games.
“This is a tough stretch for us going into March,” Bosh said. “March is a tough month for us and we did what we needed to do to build our confidence with the schedule that we had lately. Now we are playing better teams, have to focus a bit more.”

Turkoglu's time to shine

Not having attended every Raptors practice this season or even one of the late night shooting sessions the players are said to partake in periodically, we can’t say for certain it was a first.
But we can say it has been a rarity to see Hedo Turkoglu throwing up shot after shot long after most of his teammates had departed practice, like he did Monday.
In fact, the only Raptor who managed to outlast Turkoglu following Monday’s practice was Reggie Evans and he seemed to be having too much fun tormenting assistant coach Alvin Williams to leave.
Turkoglu, meanwhile, was all business as assistant Eric Hughes and conditioning assistant Jonny Lee fed him ball after ball and Turkoglu knocked down shot after shot working his way around the three-point shooting arc.
Afterward, Turkoglu said all that extra shooting was just him trying to make up for an all-star break he spent in Turkey. The story is now out there, courtesy of the New jersey Nets announcers. Turkoglu’s family crisis over the all-star break that left him fatigued and emotionally strung out was open-heart surgery performed on his mother.

Rasho erases Big O’s record

Since Oliver Miller left the Raptors for good back on Feb. 1, 1999, his name has been in the Raptors record books alongside the likes of, dare we say, more deserving Raptors such as Damon Stoudamire, Morris Peterson, Doug Christie, Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon to name a few.
Nesterovic took care of that Saturday when he went five-for-seven from the field to surpass the 1,000 field goal attempts as a Raptor and thereby qualify for standing in the all-time franchise leader in field goal percentage.
Nesterovic’s mark of .545 easily surpassed Miller’s mark of .509 knocking the Big O off the perch he has held for far too long.
“I’ve got no comment on that,” Nesterovic said laughing following practice on Monday.
“But I played with Oliver when I was in Minnesota.
“We’re pretty much the same height and the same weight.”
Nesterovic actually had about three inches on Miller in height and gave way — by at least 70 pounds— in the weight department.

For Raptors, a little bit of ugly helps

Evans and Johnson, the former a bruiser and the latter more athletic, do change the tempo of the game when they're out there together.
They got about five minutes as a tandem on Friday in New jersey and about another 10 on Saturday against Washington.
"I think, energy-wise, they bring something that we don't really have," said Jarrett Jack. "They create a lot of havoc defensively, being that both of them can pick up full court and give us a lift, maybe moreso on the defensive end, that can spawn some easier transition baskets."
Neither of them are really efficient jump-shooters like Bosh is and neither have his post abilities. But they do get to a lot of loose balls and the Raptors can work around them at the other end.
"Jose and Jarrett and Turk need to be those (main offensive) guys and we try run sets that are going to get them looks," said Triano. "No disrespect to those guys (Johnson and Evans) but they're energy guys who play great defence and help those guys immensely when they do their job."

Jack is nimble, 'quick and squirmy'

"Quick and squirmy, two words," Triano said of Jack's style. "He gets there quick and he squirms it up and in. That's not a basketball term."
It works, though. The only time Jack finishes with a standard-issue layup is when it is uncontested. When he is in traffic, he bends, contorts, spins -- pick your verb -- to get the job done. It looks unnatural. Often, it looks awful.
It worked on Saturday night. Jack scored the first nine points of a defining 16-2 late-game run to clinch an in-doubt game. Without the injured Chris Bosh, the Raptors lacked their best crunch-time option. Jack's strange assortment of moves took the reigns. And it is no accident that he can finish successfully while looking so primed for failure.
"That's just something that I picked up when I was younger because when I played in the neighbourhood, I played with the older kids," Jack said. "All of them were bigger than me, so I kind of got a knack of finishing around bigger guys or taking contact from some stronger guys and still getting the ball up on the rim or on the backboard. I kind of have a number of ways of doing it. It's something that just happens over time."
Jack knows his style can make basketball fans -- or coaches and teammates, for that matter -- nervous. However, his style is not unlike that of Steve Nash, who has an aversion to the simple right-handed layup because he does not like to jump off of his left foot, thanks to a sprained ankle that he did not let properly heal back in Grade 10

Chris Bosh's status for Wednesday's game in doubt

With three days off in between games after Saturday's win over Washington, the easy assumption was that Toronto Raptors Chris Bosh would be ready to play by Wednesday against Portland. Bosh has missed the past two games because of a sprained left ankle.

When it was first diagnosed, the injury was called a mild sprain. But despite the absence of swelling, it is proving a bit of a problem for Bosh.

"I'm still experiencing a little pain right now," Bosh said on Monday.

"Him not practising [Monday] makes it less than positive for us," Raptors coach Jay Triano said. "Hopefully he can get a practice on [Tuesday] and hopefully he can play Wednesday. But if not, we set our sights on Friday."

The Raptors won their first two games without Bosh, beating New jersey and the Wizards. But with the Trail Blazers, Cavaliers and Thunder on the horizon, Bosh's presence seems more integral.

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hey acie! thanks for the papers!
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Here I was thinking Rasho beat out an Oscar Robertson record. Ha!
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lol I thought () the same thing. I was like o shit say word and then I saw it but w/e cool nonetheless
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