Daily Raptor Dish - 17.02.10
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Default Daily Raptor Dish - 17.02.10

Turkoglu ready to go

Hedo Turkoglu is back and ready to resume the NBA season.
Turkoglu practised with the Raptors yesterday after missing the game prior to the all-star break and the first practice back on Monday night.
The 30-year-old Turkish forward flew back to his homeland over the break with the permission of the team to deal with a family situation.
He elected not to speak with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Potential record

A win Wednesday and the Raps could match the franchise record for most consecutive wins at home. Toronto has won eight in a row at Air Canada Centre dating back to January 17. The Raptors won nine in a row at home in 2000 (February 23 to March 8).


Chris Bosh vs. Zach Randolph
Battle of two all-stars in second and final meeting of the season. When teams met in Memphis on Oct. 30, Bosh scored 37 points, while Randolph responded by pouring in 30 in 115-107 Grizzlies win. Randolph is averaging a career-high 11.6 rebounds and is earning praise for his leadership and maturity, qualities he sorely lacked in the past. A unique showdown featuring two left-handed power forwards who each average more than 20 points and double-digit rebounds. Bosh can extend his offence, while Randolph does most of his damage in the low block.
The Grizzlies entered Tuesday's home tip against Phoenix as the surprise story in the NBA, despite losing four in a row and six of their last seven. The team's starting five of Marc Gasol, Randolph, Rudy Gay, O.J. Mayo and Mike Conley can match up against any team. The bench, though, is suspect. Given its youth, it's not surprising that Memphis has only gone 8-17 on the road. But the Grizzlies can score, averaging 102.5 points a night, and at 26-25 they would be the sixth seed in the East if the playoffs were to start now. Teams like to slow down the Grizzles and Toronto catches a break because of the back-to-back scenario.

GM Colangelo appears to be resisting trade pressure

"You can't make moves just because of what another team does," Chris Bosh said.
"I think Dallas succumbed to that a couple of years back when they traded for J Kidd and the Hornets got the best of them in that series.
"You have to believe in your team and believe in yourself. Now, if you're making a move regardless of what happens, that's different. But you should be proactive, not reactive."
Colangelo is trying to be as proactive as he can as the deadline approaches, but only within reason. While league sources say he's working as diligently as ever tying to see if there's a move to be made, he categorized talks now as quiet.
"It's been really quiet because people know we like what we have right now, they know that the conversation with Chris (Bosh) is a non-issue and the other moving parts, if you will, are pieces that are all contributing and part of a growth pattern for this team right now and this organization," he says.
"If there's something to move us forward significantly, fine; we'll certainly look at that. But if it's something that we would perceive as a lateral move, it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense."

Raptors start second half hungry

“Things tighten up now after the all-star break, teams start to really focus in,” Raptors head coach Jay Triano said after practice yesterday. “There's no surprises on what teams are going to do. It's a matter of execution, it's a matter of getting stops.”
Triano's primary hope is that the Raptors continue the roll they've been on for more than two months, winning 22 of their last 32 games to make up for a tepid 7-13 start.
“I'd like to just see us continue playing the way we were before the break,” said Triano, whose Raptors have not played since last Wednesday. “We had a nice little run going and, hopefully, we get back, we're a little bit rested and take care of our bodies and finish off the final 30.”

Past with Grizzlies irrelevant for Raptors

The old saying goes, "If you forget the past, you're doomed to repeat it." Well, that does not always hold up in professional sports.

The Toronto Raptors, for example, lost 115-107 back on Oct. 30 in Memphis to the Grizzlies, the second game of the season. The Grizzlies are in Toronto on Wednesday night.

So what is there to learn from that game? Not a damn thing.

"We can't even look at that [game] for a couple reasons," Raptors coach Jay Triano said. "They're completely different, and we're not doing anything the same defensively. We watched it, but we were laughing at some of the things that we were doing at that point of the year and how we've changed since then."

Bosh aims for playoff success as stretch drive begins

Most people who are lucky and talented enough to make it to the top of their chosen professions aspire for the pinnacle of success. The push for mediocrity very rarely results in greatness.
However, just because you strive for success does not mean you attain it. And this is where Chris Bosh comes in. The Raptors star has played in just two playoff series in his seven years, despite being a five-time all-star. Personal success, in his case, has not resulted in team success.
Right about now, however, is not the time to pity Bosh. In fact, not having success come easily has its upside.
"I don't take it for granted. I don't take this situation for granted because I remember that feeling, how much I missed it," Bosh said Tuesday as his team prepared for Wednesday's game against Memphis. "Sitting home early in May, I was bored. I didn't have anything to do when the season was over. Just watching the playoffs, it's the best season in basketball. That's what we play 82 games for. Yeah, I missed it last year, I remember that feeling, so this year just make sure I seize the opportunity and seize the moment and make sure I work as hard as possible."
There are 30 games before the post-season, and Bosh is certainly not looking past them. However, there is a reason Bosh is reveling in the Raptors' relative salad days. He is not altogether familiar with it.
Winning is great, but it can become old, unless you are another level of competitive, much like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. It seemed as if the more Shaquille O'Neal won, the longer it took for him to get into shape the next season. Over the course of the recently finished decade, the San Antonio Spurs frequently got off to slow starts and eased their way back into world-beater status.
However, this amounts to Bosh's second stretch drive with his team nearing a peak. In 2007, much like this year, the Raptors were realizing just how good they could be around this time. But even in 2008, when the Raptors made the playoffs, they were limping home to a .500 finish at this point of the season.
"I'm excited not only the way that we're playing, because of the way that we're playing, but just the simple fact that we weren't in the race last year and it was a bit boring," Bosh said. "We weren't doing as well last year so it's very exciting for me to be a part of the team that is in the playoff race."

Jason Richardson, Suns beat Grizzlies, 109-95

The Grizzlies are working hard, concentrating on the task at hand in an effort to make the team better.
That’s management talking.
Whether the team’s decision makers actually pull off a trade likely won’t be known until Thursday afternoon at the NBA’s deadline.
But the Griz couldn’t make the deal it badly wanted to make Tuesday night, and they will try to have it in place tonight before departing Toronto.
Right now, simply swapping their recent losses for a win would suffice.
That’s the players talking after the Griz dropped their fifth straight game — a 109-95 defeat to the Phoenix Suns in FedExForum.
Memphis has lost seven of its past eight games, and its latest setback had coach Lionel Hollins talking about a need to regain and sustain the fire and energy that made his team successful before a funk that began two weeks ago.

Sunshine Girl – 17.02.10

SUNshine Girl Shannon, 23, moved to Canada from Holland when she was seven and has since fully integrated into the Canadian way of life: The 5-foot-4 single Virgo loves hockey and hanging out with her dog, Beau

RF Girl of the Day - Alexia Lei

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there's something about the sunshine girl photo that's not quite right.
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cheering for the Raps but likes Denver in the west

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Originally Posted by fancylad View Post
there's something about the sunshine girl photo that's not quite right.
I was gonna say the same thing....Its not really nice to look at, they dropped the ball on this one. on the other hand....the RFG is
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The SSG looks like she's been on a three day bender.
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OMG the SSG forgot her clothes
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is back baby

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Originally Posted by fancylad View Post
there's something about the sunshine girl photo that's not quite right.
her face?
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in la la land

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love handles?
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its prob the fact that all records of that pic should be burned!
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Wow that is a bad pose for the SSG. Other wise she seems pretty hot. RFG is da bomb
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