Daily Raptor Dish - 16.02.10
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Default Daily Raptor Dish - 16.02.10

Raps on edge prior to trade deadline

“Everything changed when I was traded from Dallas,’’ Wright said. “I knew that trade had more to do with my value.
“After that happened, I began to look at the NBA in a whole new different light.
Now, I look at everything and I say to myself: ‘What is my value?’
“Things like that play a factor in how a player views the trade deadline.”
Wright knew that Devean George, who was included in the Dallas deal, wasn’t going to be part of Toronto’s plans.
Wright was, well, right because the Raptors sent the aging veteran to Golden State for Marco Belinelli.
“It’s humbling the first time you get traded,’’ Wright said. “You get traded the second time and you begin to understand the market better. You start to realize what teams think of you from a league-wide perspective.”
Wright is a player any team would want because he leaves everything out on the floor. He’s tough and he’s fearless.
It speaks to the team’s soft underbelly when word leaked earlier in the season that Wright’s hard-nosed mentality rubbed some the wrong way.
Whatever rift that may have existed has been cleaned up, or at the very least some level of compromise has been reached.
The fact remains that Wright knows he may get the call — again — that he has been traded.
Another player who falls into the same category is Amir Johnson, who was traded twice within a two-month span last summer.
Like Wright, Johnson’s contract expires this summer.
When one looks at the Raptors roster moving forward beyond this season, neither Wright nor Johnson would seem to be a fit because of an excess of bodies and money.
“I enjoy being in Toronto,’’ Johnson said. “As a player, all you can do is play hard and try to have an impact, no matter where you are.”

It's all quiet on the Raptors' trade front


"I'd be happy if we didn't make a trade. I think we're playing well and the different guys we have at each position are doing well, so I don't know if we need one," Bosh said after his sparkling performance in Sunday's NBA All-Star Game.
Bosh admits to being like so many fans leading up to the deadline in that he can't tell what's real and what's made up.
"I really don't know what's on the table or what could happen, but I don't think so," he said.
League sources categorized the Raptors as quiet during all-star weekend, and the overriding sense is that president and general manager Bryan Colangelo won't do anything of substance.

Raptors' Derozan shrugs off dunk defeat

Sometimes, people fall nicely into stereotypes.
Accordingly, here are two opinions on the all-star weekend that was in Dallas. Playing the role of wide-eyed rookie: Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan. Raptors forward Chris Bosh will portray the seen-it-all veteran.
"The Cowboys Stadium, that was crazy," said DeRozan, who participated in the slam dunk competition on Saturday. "I ain't never seen nothing in my life similar [to] that. It was crazy. 108,000 people, it was crazy."
"Hectic. It was more all-star, not all-star break. All-star work," said Bosh, the Dallas native who played in Sunday's all-star game.
"I'm very glad to be back. There was a lot of demand back in the hometown, so I was ready to go right around Saturday."
That is not to say that DeRozan had an unmitigated ball while Bosh had a miserable time. DeRozan's experience was hampered by his falling short in the competition. He had the best dunk of the night -- a windmill slam off a pass from his friend and teammate Sonny Weems that was thrown off the side of the backboard and drew a perfect score from the judges -- but ultimately fell short, losing in the finals to Nate Robinson.

Sunshine Girl – 16.02.10

SUNshine Girl Jaclyn wants to be a police officer. The 18-year-old is mechanically inclined — she loves old cars and in her spare time likes nothing better than to work on her car with her boyfriend. Vroom, vroom
RF Girl of the Day – Kim Smith
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I loves me some Kim Smith...... think she used to model for GUESS.
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Holy pasty!
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Pasty's alright. Her face though...
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Damnnn man looks like someone used her stomach as a coke table
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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
does no one at the sun know how to photograph at all?
Fixed. : |
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