Daily Raptor Dish - 08.12.09
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Post Daily Raptor Dish - 08.12.09

Jack now known as The Shoe Guy

Jarrett Jack had a perfectly good reason to start tying one of his shoes in the game against the Chicago Bulls last Saturday night.
The shoe had become untied.
Seriously, the Raptors' point guard said yesterday following practice that he wasn't trying to disrespect the Bulls by putting the ball under his arm and tying a shoe as the final seconds in the third quarter ticked off. And he's shocked by the overwhelming (mostly negative) response.
"I didn't know it was going to be that much of a big deal," Jack said. "Everybody was like calling me and saying I was crazy. But my shoe came untied. And when I was looking up, I saw that they were kind of confused on defence, and I was like: 'Hey, why don't get my shoe together, while they're trying to get their defence together?' "

Injuries to key players worries Triano

The problem was, one by one, guys left practice early, and that might not bode well for Tuesday’s game at the Air Canada Centre against the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves, holders of the worst record in the NBA’s Western Conference (3-17). Well, at least two key players — Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani — left practice early.
According to head coach Jay Triano, Bosh was ordered back to bed because of a head cold while Bargnani has “ankle issues.”
Both are game time decisions for Tuesday.
Triano is clearly hoping that his club’s starting power forward and centre are well enough to dress Tuesday because the once-foundering Raptors have won two games in a row and the coach is adamant that will continue against the Timberwolves, who are actually riding a one-game win streak.
“Every guy on that team gets a paycheque and everybody is going to come to play (Tuesday) and they’re going to be motivated to play and we better be the exactly the same,” said Triano. “That’s why you get upsets in the NBA — teams look past games, and we can’t afford to do that. Definitely not with our record.”

Feschuk: Raptors' confidence growing

For a Toronto team that has been labelled the worst defence in the NBA – heck, they've been on pace to be the worst defence in NBA history – it must have been nice to see somebody else's D being mocked for a change, to hear somebody else's coach, in this case Chicago's Vinny Del Negro, calling a lay-down "not acceptable."
Riding a two-game win streak on the back of a five-game losing skid that led to an hour-long air-clearing on Friday, the Raptors are suddenly showing signs of cutthroat engagement. And while there are those waiting to gauge the longer haul – "Don't give us the title too soon," said Jack – there have been hints of palatable change.
Even coach Jay Triano's chief locker-room critic, veteran swingman Antoine Wright, has been improving his reviews – this as Wright has improved his play in the wake of Friday's team-meeting gut check.
"Coach is coaching us differently now. He's pointing out guys on tape and just holding guys accountable," said Wright. "And you can see other guys getting on guys."
Wright said Hedo Turkoglu, the soft-spoken forward, has even raised his voice.
"(Turkoglu) has been very vocal these last couple of days about what he wants from (Andrea) Bargnani and what he wants from (Marco) Belinelli. That's just been helping us a lot. Turks is talking. ... We need him to get those guys on track when we can't connect with 'em," said Wright.

Tying shoe wasn't an insult, says Raptors' Jack

Said Jack: "My shoe was untied and the clock was going down at the end of the quarter. I was like, 'Let me tie my shoe so I can hurry up and make a play.' We were about to go into a pick and roll. I didn't want to go into it with my shoe untied."
The Bulls weren't thrilled with the play, either.
Vinny Del Negro, the Chicago coach, called it "not acceptable," but noted that Deng, a forward, was looking back at point guard Jannero Pargo to see if Pargo was interested in, say, switching checks.
"That was embarrassing," said Derrick Rose, the Chicago starting point guard, who wasn't on the floor at the time. "I probably would've fouled him or something or at least tried to steal the ball."

Raptors look for a sense of belonging


Jack said the perception that there is a divide between the team’s European players and the Americans on the roster wasn’t as significant as the lack of team cohesion.
“You need to establish [you’re a team] first and I don’t think we did that at the start of the season,” Jack said. “Now that it’s established, you know what to expect from now on. You have to know someone has your back and clear the air with it, leave all the guesswork out of it.”
The goal is an environment where successes are celebrated, mistakes covered up, and challenges met collectively.
“It’s everything,” Jack said. “If I take a charge, someone is going to help me up. If there’s a breakdown or something happens, I know someone has my back on the back side.”
Around the NBA, there are a handful of teams that might meet the standard set by teams past, says Jack, who prides himself on being a basketball history buff. Boston comes immediately to mind, San Antonio, the Los Angeles Lakers more and more. Triano cites the Spurs teams where David Robinson famously stepped aside to create space for Tim Duncan at the top of the offensive pecking order.

Sense and sensitivity


Is there anything more delicate than a team? So many personalities! So many sensitivities! So many agendas trying to find some sun underneath the shade of the primary agenda which is winning.
We’ll probably never get to exactly what the issues were leading up the team meeting on Friday where we learned that the American guys didn’t really know how to properly yell at the European guys without hurting their feelings. I’d sensed it brewing a little bit but was still trying to firm it up before the players outed themselves. No word yet on how the close the European guys are to figuring out how to yell at Antoine Wright – in English – “Enough with the endless array of bricks already! You’re like the a Bizarro world edition Jason Kapono!”, but I’m offering my translation skills….
Tight for time today, but the one thing that came out of the weekend was this: The Raptors can never, ever, use the second-night of a back-to-back excuse again. And I pledge to never offer it on their behalf. It’s officially extinguished. Playing after an overtime win on the fourth game in five, on the road on the second night of a back-to-back, both on the road, and they blow out Chicago. Granted the Bulls are reeling a bit, but it’s clear that if a team can find the right emotional spark and professional commitment, these games can be won or at least be made competitive.

Raptors United, Calderon Says

Win two games in a row when you are the Toronto Raptors, and all of a sudden people want to know why. In this case, it might have been because of a closed-door meeting the Raptors held in Washington last Friday.
Communication was foremost on the meeting's agenda. Players were not talking enough on the floor, at practice, or in the room after games. Messages were being sent by the coaches, but not getting through -- and the losses were piling up. But after the meeting, Toronto beat Washington that night and Chicago on Saturday to record the club's first back-to-back road wins in two years. The victories even featured a novel sight: the Raptors playing sound team defence.
"Even if we had lost," point guard Jose Calderon said, "everything was a little bit different [after the meeting]. Everybody was together. Everybody was helping one another. We needed to talk about some of the mistakes we were making."

Raptors’ DeRozan is hitting his stride

DeMar DeRozan refers to it as his Compton Swag.
It is not something one can reach out and touch. It is an attitude, a certain swagger, a cocky je ne sais quoi and supreme self-confidence DeRozan possessed in Compton, Calif., when he was attacking the hoop and throwing down dunks and terrorizing the Los Angeles high-school basketball scene.
DeRozan took his Compton Swag to the University of Southern California, not too far from where he was raised, and emerged as a freshman sensation before declaring himself eligible for the 2009 NBA draft.
But when DeRozan came to Canada as the Toronto Raptors’ first-round draft pick, the Compton Swag did not make the trip. At least not in the beginning, though the 20-year-old rookie has shown signs of his old swagger and explosiveness lately.
“It means going back to my roots,” DeRozan said Monday of the Compton Swag. “What I was always known for doing — getting to the basket, being aggressive and just doing that — and not trying to be Hedo Turkoglu but trying to be me.”

Wolves gameday

Preview: At 9-13, the Raptors have been one of the NBA's most disappointing teams, but Toronto has won two consecutive games and will be trying to put together its first three-game winning streak. The Wolves are coming off a confidence-building victory over Utah and will try to win two in a row for the first time.
Players to watch: Chris Bosh, who can become a free agent at the end of the season, is increasing his value every game, posting averages of 24.4 points and 12.1 rebounds. He'll guard Wolves forward Al Jefferson in a pivotal matchup.
Injuries: Wolves center Nathan Jawai is questionable after a bout of food poisoning that kept him out of practice Monday. Raptors forward Reggie Evans is day-to-day because of a sprained left foot.

Sunshine Girl- 08.12.09

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I call BS. Jack knew exactly what he was doing.
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Hahaha yeah he knew what he was doing for sure. You can see it in his face right after the play, and clearly his quote was a jab at Chicago more than an apology. Its nice to see this not happening to us for a change though. I wish more of our players acted like JJ. I'm tired of having to switch off Raptors games for the WNBA when I want to see players with swagger.
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not acceptable
Does Vinny mean "unacceptable"?
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No word yet on how the close the European guys are to figuring out how to yell at Antoine Wright – in English – “Enough with the endless array of bricks already! You’re like a Bizarro world edition Jason Kapono!”
Lulz! That's such a great way of putting. Kapono can shoot but passes up great opportunities. On the other hand, Wright is a brick layer who has never seen a shot he didn't like.
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