Daily Raptor Dish - 05.04.10
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Post Daily Raptor Dish - 05.04.10

Curry amazes

No scenario was available, no option existed and as a result there was no chance the Raptors could have gotten their hands on Stephen Curry.
Based on his season and judging by the impact he has on games, it’s amazing why Curry wasn’t taken higher than seventh overall.
The kid is a poor-man’s version of Steve Nash, a fundamentally sound player who is smart and savvy, his game belying his age and his physical makeup.
The way Curry was carving the Raptors in the first quarter and in the fourth when, he looked equal part Pete Maravich and Nash, dazzling fans with his ability to handle the ball and shoot.
Curry’s history in Toronto is well documented.
His dad, Dell Curry, who was underrated and always came up big in the post-season, played three seasons in Toronto.
Curry is more than a catch-and-shoot player his dad was when Dell Curry terrorized teams.
Whether it was in practice or on game day, a young Stephen Curry was always spotted getting shots off and finding nothing but net from virtually every spot on the floor.
The Raptors didn’t pick until the ninth slot last June, when they selected DeMar DeRozan.
At the NBA’s combine for rookies, the Raptors had an occasion to interview Curry and came away very impressed.
“Steph was so intelligent,’’ said head coach Jay Triano, who was an assistant under Lenny Wilkens when Dell Curry played in Toronto. “He blew us away with his knowledge and understanding.”

Raptors' loss inexcusable

The Raptors were left in a state of shock against Golden State, their fragile mental state dealt yet another blow.
This was inexcusable as it was improbable given what was at stake and how much was squandered.
The Warriors like to junk it up, basketball jargon for being unconventional, but the Raptors were simply garbage for unconscionably too long.
This late in the season when every game is precious, when every possession must be valued, there are no excuses to explain a 113-112 loss that will be remembered for Chris Bosh’s miss at the buzzer.
It shouldn’t because the Raptors should never have been in that situation.
When a stop has to be made, teams have to force a miss by any means.
More importantly, they have to control the rebound when a miss is mustered.
The only time the Raptors showed urgency was when they trailed by 16 points in the fourth quarter.
As well as the Warriors can shoot themselves into leads, they can easily cough one up.
Devastating can’t begin to describe the repercussions of Sunday’s setback.
With three tough games ahead within a four-day span, there’s a chance the Raptors can find themselves in ninth spot and out of the playoffs when the Chicago Bulls visit town next Sunday.

Warriors stun brick-shooting Raptors

The enduring image will be of Chris Bosh frozen in disbelief under the basket, unable to comprehend that his last-second, potential game-winning layup hadn't gone in.
But the lasting memories of what could be a devastating loss should not be of Bosh's sorrow and heart-break, it should be of all of his teammates missing shot after shot after shot after shot.
For that was the reason the Raptors were upset 113-112 Sunday by the Golden State Warriors at the Air Canada Centre, that was the reason they now cling more precariously to an NBA playoff spot than they have in a week.
Because as much as Bosh's miss would have stolen a win in what would have been the most miraculous comeback of the season, the guys who couldn't make a shot to save their souls need to be held responsible.
Take away Bosh's Herculean effort – 42 points, 12 rebounds, 23 trips to the foul line – and the gruesome shooting numbers tell an ugly tale.
Sonny Weems: 2-for-11.
Andrea Bargnani: 7-for-23.
Antoine Wright: 1-for-6
Jose Calderon: 1-for-5.

Warriors fight off Raptors

It's not often a team can lose to the lowly Golden State Warriors at home twice in one night,
But the Toronto Raptors are inventing all sorts of ways to confound this season, their 113-112 loss to Golden State just the latest.
Last night franchise all-star Chris Bosh covered his head and laid on the baseline after missing a lay-up at the buzzer that would have completed a 16-point comeback by Toronto in the game's final seven minutes. Instead his try after a steal of the inbounds pass by Sonny Weems rolled off the rim and Bosh's 42-point, 12-rebound night was all for nothing and the Raptors modest three-game win streak snapped, their quixotic, lurching, playoff run stalled again.
“Sonny made a spectacular play,” Bosh said afterward. “Everything happened so fast, I didn't have time to react.”

Raptors' playoff hopes take a major hit

Chris Bosh, who 20 minutes earlier had missed a short shot that would have given his team a miracle win, had just finished cordially answering questions from the media. His calm was soon replaced by frustration, as he closed his door with some authority.
The Raptors did not deserve a win against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday night. And they did not get one, eventually falling 113-112. But thanks to a series of improbabilities, including two missed free throws from 88% shooter Stephen Curry, a scoring explosion from Jarrett Jack and a brilliant stolen inbound pass by Sonny Weems to set up Bosh, the Raptors had a chance.
That chance made the pain infinitely worse.
"I don't know if you've ever been stabbed before," Jack, the point guard, said, "but that's the closest you get without the knife."
Jack, presumably, has not been stabbed before, but that gives you an indication of how invested the Raptors were in this game. There was not a discernable lack of effort during the evening - just a lack of execution, of crispness

Memorable finish to Nelson's record-tying win


While Warriors fans watching on TV witnessed their automatic foul shooter miss two in a row with 11 seconds left, a crowd of 17,509 at the Air Canada Centre saw their All-Star miss a layup that would have won it at the buzzer, and basketball fans everywhere watched a rare moment of Nelson dancing with joy.
"You live for moments like that, the ones the team wants for you more than you want for yourself," Nelson said.
With his 1,332nd win in the books, Nelson finally embraced the record with his arms raised above his head in celebration, was instantly enveloped in a group hug with assistant Scott Roth, center Ronny Turiaf and guard Anthony Morrow, and had water squirted from a bottle onto his back. The entire team created a circle of merriment, Nelson went into the center of it and danced, and a hockey town gave a standing ovation to basketball history.
"What a game to tie the record with, huh? It was unbelievable," Nelson said. "It had about everything in it that you would want: from good to bad and from playing great to wetting the bed. We did about all of it."


Sunshine Girl – 05.04.10

SUNshine Girl Devonlee is 21 years old and has a need for speed. She loves ice fishing and dirt biking. Her goal is to be the fastest girl in the world on a sled. Devonlee’s favourite sport is drag racing.

RF Girl of the Day – Vina Machado

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Unacceptable?! Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!

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SUNshine Girl Devonlee is 21 years old and has a need for speed. She loves ice fishing and dirt biking. Her goal is to be the fattest girl in the world on a sled. Devonlee’s favourite sport is drag racing.

(Don't get all upset, it's funny)
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hahahahaha, i laughed.
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