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Post Daily Raptor Dish - 01.01.10

A big thanks to LX for helping me out while I was out of town for the holidays.

Bosh approves of Bargnani outburst

When Andrea Bargnani hit a crucial three-pointer in the closing seconds of a win against the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday, he reacted like a kid getting an iPod on Christmas morning, whooping and hollering as he bounced back to the Raptors bench.
It was an unusual display of emotion for the Toronto centre.
"That is the first time I have seen him excited like that," Chris Bosh said. "That's good. I think showing emotion like that is good for us."
In the eyes of coach Jay Triano, Bargnani's confidence is at a season high.
"He feels better about the way he is playing at the defensive end of the floor, he feels better about making shots which he struggled with for a little bit," Triano said. "He is trying to do other things. It makes him a complete basketball player."

Raptors coming together entering 2010

Chris Bosh was holding court with reporters Thursday when suddenly he felt a large weight on his back.
It was Raptors teammate Amir Johnson, playfully jumping on Toronto’s star player, and wishing all those watching a “Happy New Year!”
“It’s not that uptight, as you can see,” Bosh said with a broad smile.
There’s no doubt the Raptors, a game under .500 thanks to a five-game winning streak, are a cool bunch as the calendar turns to 2010. Hard to believe it’s the same group that returned two weeks ago from a trip to Florida questioning its resolve after a pair of blowout losses.
“Guys are playing together, sharing the basketball together, and I think everybody feels like we are starting to become more of a team,” coach Jay Triano said. “At the beginning of the year, we were thinking and trying to process before we reacted. Now things are becoming more comfortable and more reactionary.
“They know what to expect from me. I know what to expect from them. They, in turn, know what to expect from each other.”

Sore Boston no tea party


The Raptors – and many of their fans – have been down this road before and it led to nothing more than a wreck.
So they are wary of making the same journey.
With reports suggesting the Boston Celtics will be without Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for a game with Toronto on Saturday, the Raptors aren't about to start thinking how easy it's going to be.
All they have to do is recall a November trip to San Antonio, where the Spurs were missing Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Visions of an upset were in their minds' eye.
But that game against a so-called weakened opponent turned into a 131-124 Raptors loss and a lesson learned.
"Obviously, I think we under-estimated them, but I know how the league works," Chris Bosh said of that game against the Spurs. "You give guys a chance, they're really going to show what they do.

Raptors Blog by Doug Smith

Player Of The Decade
Yes, I know Chris Bosh is now a perennial all-star and could very well be the best power forward in the NBA today (although I’m thinking Pau might have the edge in a highly-debatable conversation) but …
It’s Vince.
Yes, he left under bad circumstances (although they’ve gotten a lot worse since he’s been gone and urban myths have sprouted) but you cannot deny his on-court brilliance.
Bosh may indeed supplant him as his career goes on, he may supplant him by the end of this season if he keeps at the level he’s been at until April, but Carter still gets the nod in this corner.
Jaw-dropping athleticism, a better-than-you’d-think shooting stroke and he created a buzz around the team that’s been unparalleled.
The only regret I’d have: For as good as he was, he could have been better and that lack of true drive kept him from being a serious MVP candidate.

Bosh, Nash in All-Star hunt

Bosh, who's seeking his fifth consecutive all-star appearance, has 644,473 votes to trail Cleveland's LeBron James (1,579,530), and Boston's Kevin Garnett (1,317,739) among Eastern Conference forwards.
Toronto's Andrea Bargnani is fourth among Eastern centres with 146,595 votes behind Orlando's Dwight Howard (1,479,625), Cleveland's Shaquille O'Neal (536,681), and Atlanta's Al Horford (157,050).

Technically, he has problems


“They are allowed to scream at you like you are their child, huh?’’ Perkins said. “It ain’t nothing that I can’t stop, so it’s just something I’ve got to control and do a better job. Obviously these last two just wasn’t my fault, so I’ve got to do a better job of controlling myself.’’
Like Wallace, Perkins is amassing “reputation technicals.’’ It’s one thing if Allen gets upset, but when it’s Perkins, officials have a shorter fuse, especially when he looks so unpleasant during games. Perkins said he isn’t going to change his demeanor.
“If you don’t know me by now, from when I start the game to when I finish the game, there’s always a frown,’’ he said. “So it’s not like I am changing my emotions throughout the game.
“I am frowning up the whole four quarters. So it’s not like it’s at the ref. I play with a frown. I am trying to do a better job. Ain’t like I am cursing at them or saying something crazy to them.’’

Sunshine Girl - 01.01.10

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hates chris bosh

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nice and big, that's how i like mine
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effin' ineffable

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Thanks for the thanks. It was my pleasure. Hope you had some good holidays ACIE.
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thinking Stephen Harper has got to go.

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Yuck, she's just fat.
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lol perkens
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Originally Posted by lonewolfpoet View Post
Yuck, she's just fat.

I like the fat
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