D. Smith: No combo vs NY.....a one time thing
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D. Smith: No combo vs NY.....a one time thing

Great! Let's hope he is wrong, as he often is!

So much for that

No, Jose and Jarrett were not on the court together down the stretch of what was kind of a close game for moments. But donít get all excited.

I imagine it was a one-time thing (at least Jay had told us two days before that he fully expected to use them together) and I think Sunday, when Dallas goes with Kidd and Terry, youíll see Toronto use both Calderon and Jack again.
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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
Great! Let's hope he is wrong, as he often is!

but against Kidd and J Terry is one of the times you can use 2 PG's
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Smith is as reliable as Dave Shoalts is for hockey. They found the best use for Calderon last night, let him be the 1 or 1a scoring option for the second unit. Jack, Hedo, and DD showed they play well together, share the ball, and actually pass to each other. I don't mind the combo when it makes total sense, like Kidd/Terry mentioned above. But Jay needs to understand that he can't be lured into this by other coaches (and it can't be his default option). The Raps need to dictate play out there.
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If the Mavs use a Terry and Kidd combo then it makes sense for us to use our potent combination. However, if there's a legitimate two on the floor vs the Raps, then Triano needs run the same fourth quarter rotation as he did last night. I'd hope Triano is rotating his players in accordance to the match-ups and not some cookie cutter / one size fits all plan. It may be outrageous to suggest, but his rotations have somewhat resembled that.
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hopefully we use our draft pick this year, let's not miss out this years Rodney hood

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when other teams go small then I prefer to have jose and jack, but when the other team has there starting lineup then i would prefer a SG than jack and jose

the reason it negates our advantage, Turk,Bosh, and Bargs all bring size, puting a PG out there ruins that advantage

by the way I think its time to play Derozen in the 4th especially when is confidence is riding high
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play the same way they did in new york in terms of who comes in at what time and well be good against dallas
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No PG combo and DeMar getting 9 more minutes than average. Both welcome signs.
Now play Belinelli 25+ minutes and bench Wright forever, then I'm happy
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D'Antoni plays two point guards together too during some stretches, Nate plus Duhon, so I did expect them on the court together like vs NY really.
I think they didn't play that combo v Raps.

But even if they would have and v Terry/Kidd I don't think you should necessarily answer the small line up with a small line up. I'd say DeRozan is quick enough to guard smaller players, and they would have a tougher time shooting over him. DD would get beat a couple of times for sure, but guys like Nate and Terry are hard to defend and they beat Jarrett and Josť too so that's part of the game. Great offensive players will score on you. It's too bad Triano benches the rookie in the 4th because of alleged bad defensive while this combo is probably even worse on D.
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