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How in God's name would Bargs be a better matchup against Young and Wright???

Against SLOW, PLODDING bigs who can't move Bargs is a good matchup.

Against quick, mobile bigs he's a disaster... esp. since he doesn't USE his size!
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Originally Posted by thriller92 View Post
Which quote?

Young is too quick for Bargs yes, but Bargs is stronger than Young. Youngs offensive rebound and putback just shows why Bargnani will never be a winning player. A few of the plays down the stretch made our team look JV. The play where we scored and then no one ran back and JRich of all people got an and 1. That wouldnt happen to any other team in the league at that point. And putting your worst defender on their best player the entire 4th qtr is just laughable.
Young is stronger then bargnani, im sticking to that Just because Bargnani is 7ft doesnt mean hes stronger than thadeous

"We lose Thaddeus Young in transition, there’s no way. We’re jogging back in home run trot." (That was Bargnani)
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and that's the bottom line, cause JV said so!!!

This is how U(jiri) do it
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No, Wolstat is saying that was Bargs who jogged back. Casey said that.
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Originally Posted by Calgary Jazz View Post
lol at Casey's idea that Val is not able to defend any of small Sixers. Play zone and keep in the paint as rim protector. Again, force others to adjust not try to matchup with what other coach is throwing at you.
Perfect example GSW in 2007. They beat Dallas with their small ball in first round as Dallas failed to adjust and matchup with small ball. Then second round they meet Utah and tried their midget basketball again. What Jerry Sloan did? He played big and crushed them inside and on boards and won series 4-1. Casey is really stupid for losing this and he should admit it - be a man say, I failed, I got outcoached, this is on me I will learn and do better. Don't give us BS excuse about big Val not being able to defend anybody when he was way better then Bargs or Amir today.
Yes,be a man and admit your fault and that's the way going forward.

the problem for this is the coach...we are losing three winnable games by putting Jose and Bargs in 4th quarter.

this is un-excusable,you fail once and u learn from there which Casey fail to do that.
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