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Originally Posted by @BaileysBlitz View Post
Colangelo was smart for passing up on Iggy. He'd just leave at season's end when he's a free agent anyway,resulting in the loss of whomever was traded for him for nothing.
He re-upped in Denver, why wouldn't he have here? Not sure that's a known thing.
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Originally Posted by LET'S GO RAPTORS!!!!! View Post
insert eyeroll. I was referring to the fact that he said that he'd "there are really only three players from that draft that I'd rather have" - Gay, LA, and Rondo. I wasn't referring to draft position.

So 5 then. But yes, nobody, if any, could've foreseen Millsap, Lowry or even Rondo's game. Rudy was never in the running for the top 3 at/during the draft. So, LA was the only clearcut mistake. But, yes, it could've been disastrous if it was someon Ammo.
Even if we selected LA, we would have traded him away for other player. Remember, we had Chris Bosh as our starting PF and we did not need another clone of Chris Bosh who was totally going to be a backup player (i.e. no room to grow..) At that year, I remember we still had Charlie V, who spent successful rookie year with us. Plus, there's no GMs out there, who will trade 1st overall picks. Simply, we were unlucky that our 1st overall pick was offered in the very weak draft.
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