Colangelo....Homerun vs singles
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Colangelo....Homerun vs singles

Should BC Go and hit a Homerun or hit a couple singles? Good question, no?


Dr Mufasa wrote:
I read an interesting quote the other day talking about the different ways to build a team... You can take a huge swing and try to rip a homer out to left field, or you can concentrate on getting a bunch of singles and doubles and bringing your points in through patience and cunning. Especially with the Derozan pick I've heard a lot of talk lately about the necessity swinging for the stars and rolling the dice, comparing his situation to when we picked Tmac a decade ago. I've also heard a lot of clamoring about the need for Colangelo to make a big splash, to get a big name beside Bosh, to make that move. However I just wanted to point out that in particular our history the last 3 years proves that while taking that big swing sounds great in theory, that's not the only way to accomplish things.

In particular, Colangelo's first year as our GM and his third year show this. The second year is next to irrelevant considering we had little flexibility to make any moves. In our first year, Colangelo's biggest asset was the massive caproom we had. At the time, instead of using it all taking a swing with one star player, we decided to hit a number of singles instead. We picked up Parker, Garbojosa, Rasho, Hump, then made a Charlie for TJ trade that worked well because of team fit. While alone none of these pieces seemed like impact moves, together they accumulated into a great, 47 win team that turned this franchise around.

In Colangelo's 3rd year, he went into the offseason with trading TJ as the #1 priority. This time he went for the home run by getting JO, and taking the gamble that he would rediscover his all-star form and take us to the next level. The JO deal has had huge, huge repurcussions - Because of it, if Marion leaves this summer we will have turned TJ, Rasho's valuable expiring, Moon, our unspent MLE last year and 2 1st rounders, into Marcus Banks. It could also directly lead to Bosh heading out of town. The JO move was a double or even triple play and just killed us. In retrospect, the move to make was the less sexy one, TJ for Salmons or Diaw, before spending the MLE and using our pick to solidify our depth. With one of those guys and depth, this team makes the playoffs last year, potentially as a 5th seed.

There is merit to swinging for the homer. As mentioned the Tmac pick was a great move. The Derozan pick may be a success as well. And as long as Colangelo keeps swinging the odds are he'll connect one of these times... that is his philosophy. But just keep in mind the sexy big splash move is not always the way to go, and if we don't come up with one this summer, it's not the end of the world. And while it's nice to think of what Derozan can do for this franchise, there may be a time when we look back and this and wish we went for a solid single instead
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well, judging by what worked in the past and what players started to mash together at the end of the season(bosh,bargs,marion, parker, calderon). singles, doubles, no triples and no home runs.
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depends what kind of hitter he is
a Vernon Wells or Pujols
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Dr Mufasa

I'm sorry that just sounded extremely funny
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Lion King came to mind.
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why so much credit on the demar pick for "swinging for the fences"?? he was basically the highest ranked player left on almost every mock draft ive seen in the last couple months and it was almost a no brainer to take him, ppl are acting like he feel from a top 3 pick to us somehow and BC is a genius for scooping him up.
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I want him to go and pick up a couple of "stolen bases" if you catch my drift.
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Trade for Pietrus or Salmons, they would fit nicely. Try to get Daugnty Jones for exception money. Guys like these bring defence and mobility, things we have in very short supply.
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He is more of a small trades sorta guy, remember his last "home run?" JO?
It was like he was caught with steroids the day after.
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