Colangelo On The FAN590 This Morning
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Default Colangelo On The FAN590 This Morning

Apparently BC was on the FAN this morning.

Courtesy of bling_singh from the RealGM.

I'm still not liking the possibility that he's considering having both Ford and Jose back again next season though. I can't go through another season of "Forderon".

Originally Posted by bling_singh
Here we go:

BC says the last coupla weeks have been frustrating as the Raps aren't in it. Can be proud to have made the playoffs but still could have been more. [Hints at Orlando just being a better team....they had 52 wins, it wasn't really a fluke]

Raptors have talent, Delfino was inconsistent but a good piece. Kapono proved his worth in the playoffs, could see 'in a handful of games' what his worth was. There's a lot of youth that deserves nurturing. Raptors needed the Garbajosa component on court, probably the primary reason. It will need to be worked out this summer.

BC has made his intentions on bringing Jose back. BC would not be surprised if both TJ and Jose are back next year. He won't make a bad deal simply for the sake of making one. We have two starting calibre PGs and we were doing good things in 06-07. Jose deserved AllStar status this year, while TJ was hit with injury. There was a tremendous amount of calls re: Jose from other GMs.

Re Roko. His contract is owned by Barca, loaned to Roma. Euroleague season is over but Italian season is still going on. He has two agents (italian and croatian?) No buy out in his contract, but he wants to come. He'll be a FA after next season. BC would want him here ideally as a 3rd guard to learn the ropes. But would not hold back from bringing him in as 1st backup. He has the passion of a gymrat in his eyes, tendency to carry the ball, but BC loves his makeup.

Why was Kapono not seeing the looks: says it's easy to blame Sam. Says it goes back to Garbo factor and Jamario taking those minutes. Delfino and Kapono were both new, wanted Joey to improve. Wasn't easy trying to incorporate everyone into the game. Kapono couldn't find his groove with that internal competition for minutes. He had 10 games in the regular season where his talent showed through. [Too much tinkering?]

Raps aren't gonna be a big player in free agency this season. There is no caproom. but the MLE is there, but most of the space between the tax threshold and cap will be dedicated to Jose. May have to look to trades to accomodate the MLE. May look at trading expirings to create space for a player they want that will address their needs.

That's about it. if anyone else was listening, please feel to fill in any gaps.

BC says its more lawyering than economy in dealing with cap issues. He's been on both sides as manager and owner. GM wants all the flexibility to sign a player and likes to bend the rules and cap laws to make it fit.
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Yeah but you cant expect him to say anything else about Ford, hes not gonna say hes actively shopping him and wants him gone which is probably the case.

BC needs to do it big this offseason and stop with the euro influx.
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