Cleveland-Toronto October 28th, pre-pre-game
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Cleveland-Toronto October 28th, pre-pre-game

Pre-season is not over yet, but I'm too excited to wait!!!

Let's view the presumed starters:


PG - Jose Calderon
SG - DeMar Derozan
SF - Hedo Turkoglu
PF - Chris Bosh
C - Andrea Bargnani


PG - Mo Williams
SG - Delonte West
SF - LeBron James
PF - Anderson Varejao
C - Shaquille O'Neal

Point Guard Matchup:

Mo Williams is known for his shooting and defense...not so much for his passing, whereas Jose Calderon is known for his shooting and passing, but no so much for his defense, which could make this matchup interesting. Considering we haven't seen this matchup with both point guards fully healthy, this position could be the difference. If Mo Williams hits his open 3's and stays in front of Jose this game is all-but-done - believe me. Especially with Jose's poor defense, Mo Williams has the potential to lead the game in scoring, no doubt. On the other side, if Jose can keep Mo Williams in check (15-20 points seems fair) and hits his shots, but most importantly moves the ball to the right people, this game has a fair chance of going Toronto's way. Remember, the game begins and ends with the point guards.

Edge goes to... Jose Calderon. I think he will step up. Mo Williams (not an all-star in my mind) is more of a scorer than a 'true' point guard and I believe Jose will be more of a game changer.

Shooting Guard Matchup:

Probably the weakest matchup here. Delonte West is an above average defender and a decent mid-range shooter, and from time-to-time gets to the rim. DeMar Derozan athletic freak, who too-often chooses to shoot it or make an easy pass. He's young and has potential, but if he's going to make an impact in this game it will likely be on the defensive end. Don't take my word for it, but we may see DeMar on LeBron for some of the game. So if DeMar doesn't go off for 50...or even 15...don't fret because his defensive task will be hard enough. As for Delonte, he needs to be involved in the offence, creating for himself and more importantly for his team. He's good for 12-4-4-2 every night. He may not "change" the game, so-to-speak, but he will surely affect it with his defensive-offensive play.

Edge goes to...Delonte, the more experienced player. Probably do more defensively, with his steals and quick feet, than offensively, but when you have Mo and Bron, that's good enough.

Small Forward Matchup:

LeBron James is the most talented player in the NBA currently. Maybe not the best, but definitely top 3. In any case, holding this guy to a triple-double – yes, I said ‘holding’ – is very difficult. He can do everything for a team, so to stop him is ridiculous. The best counter is simply making him take tough shots. If he hits them you just clap. LeBron’s production is obvious; Hedo Turkoglu on the other hand is not. Hedo is a multi-talented player who can be the team’s key to victory or scapegoat for failure – ask any Magic fan. The key for him is to create offensively and – flat-out – pray defensively. If he can finish the game with 19-25 points, 6-10 assists and a few rebounds this game will be in Toronto’s favor just because Toronto has so many other options as well. If Hedo and Calderon are playing well in terms of assists, then Bosh and Bargnani can succeed. LeBron will likely outrank him in every statistical category, but that’s not important if Hedo can get the other players to play well.

Edge goes to…Hedo…er…LeBron James. If you need to ask why, then I’m assuming you also ask who Michael Jordan is…durrr.

Power Forward Matchup:

Just like above, Chris Bosh outranks Anderson Varejao any day. But what is different from the Bron-Hedo matchup is that Varejao is built to play defense. Bosh is a top 10 player in the league (debatable I suppose) and a top 5 power forward, however he thrives on mismatches with players who are too slow, too small, or too weak to guard him. Unfortunately there are only a few players who do not fit those categories – two that come to mind: Anderson Varejao and Kevin Garnett. It is imperative that Bosh uses his basketball IQ to draw fouls and equally important that Hedo and Jose give Bosh the ball in favorable situations. Varejao’s job is fairly straightforward: keep Bosh to 20-8, and go for every rebound…oh and flop, flop, and flop some more.

Edge goes to…Chris Bosh. He can really be the difference – in fact he will be the difference in this game. If he plays poorly then the Raptors are nearly guaranteed a loss. The offense goes through him; he must play too – if not above – his potential.

Centre Matchup:

The legend Shaquille O’Neal will face off against Andrea ‘breakout season’ Bargnani. This matchup is kind of simple if you think about it. Let’s play out a scenario: if Jose and Bosh win their matchups and LeBron and Delonte win theirs, then how will that affect this matchup and how will this matchup affect theirs? Well, if Calderon and Bosh are playing well, that means Calderon is moving the ball and Bosh is commanding a double-team, which in turn means Bargnani SHOULD succeed with open looks and one-on-one. However, if LeBron and Delonte are doing well then Shaq should simply be able to manhandle the smaller Bargnani inside. But matchups never play out the way they are expect to play out, thus we ask the question, how will this matchup affect the other matchups? Well Bargnani has the advantage offensively because of his quickness and his ability to draw Shaq out, but we must consider that the Cavs may play Varejao on Bargnani to eliminate the quickness factor. This would then lead to Bosh’s matchup being changed, which could be positive or negative (won’t get into that). But defensively, Bargnani will still have to contend with the much larger Shaq, which does not bode well for the Raptors. He will tire easily, potentially foul more, and it may result in double-teaming, which could lead to LeBron or Mo scoring more. Now, you could make a case like this for all other positions, but frankly, every other position is more-or-less obvious in terms of who has the edge. But with the centre’s it isn’t as black and white. Thus, I feel that it is safe to say the game can very well be dependent on how this matchup pans out.

Edge goes to…Andrea Bargnani, because, even though he may not guard Shaq well, he will tear him up on offense. Which I feel is more important to the Raptors, than Shaq tearing up Andrea for the Cavs.

There you have it, my early preview. It’s very long and most people won’t read it, but I wrote it mainly for me. Any comments would be excellent. Thanks!

…and go Raps!
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i personally am not looking forward to this game....

this is what i think about the matchups...

and if you think shaq is the key then, i really dont like our chances....shaq had 45pts/11rbs/2ast/2blocks in his last game against us....

and btw....nicely written....

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There is a great chance to see AP there instead of West.
Oh, and whos willing to take bets: Moon is going to light us up from 3 :P is offline   Boss Key Wife Key
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Originally Posted by View Post
There is a great chance to see AP there instead of West.
Oh, and whos willing to take bets: Moon is going to light us up from 3 :P
not only is moon gonna light us up from the 3point line but also completely shut down hedo....

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