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Default Chuck's Playoff Wisdom

Toronto Raptors’ Chuck Hayes shares his playoff wisdom: ‘It’s not so much physical. It’s more mental’ | National Post

On whether Saturday’s 12:30 p.m. start changes the team’s routine: “Yeah, go to bed earlier. Go to bed early. Eat your breakfast early. Do your everyday routine earlier. The only thing that’s crazy about it is that after the game is over, you’ve got the rest of the day to think about it. So let’s hope that it turns out good for us.”
On whether this series will be heated: “A little bit. I can see a couple of guys. I can see a couple of potential scuffles. Guys on my team, I can see who can be ramped up in a scuffle, and guys on their team. I can see where it would go. I’m not revealing names.”

On keeping your emotions in check: “Oh, you have to. That’s where the mental part [comes into play]. This city, this country is going to be ramped up tomorrow. This place is going to be excited. You have to hold all of your emotions in check and understand there’s another play to worry about, another possession we’ve got to get, another quarter and potentially another four or five more games. We can’t get wrapped up into our emotions.”

On Kyle Lowry, and the uncompleted trade in December that would have sent him to New York: “We’re very thankful. Twenty or thirty wins later, trust me, we’re very thankful. … Kyle is the second coach out there on the court. He’s the quarterback. He directs when to be aggressive, when not to be, who is going to get the shot. Like every quarterback in the NFL, they’re going to see the defence, see what they’re going to do, and they’re going to know who they want to have the ball. That’s what he does.”

On playing against the Nets’ smaller lineups: “They’ve got a strength in playing small with Paul [Pierce] at the four, because he stretches the floor. But our strength is on the offence glass. In the playoffs, second shots can hurt you. If we can take advantage of them being small with Paul at the four or Kirilenko or whoever and get second shots, that would be great.”
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hence my comment on losing the series because casey needed to make them adjust but instead adjusted himself; if not, look elsewhere.
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I can recall MJ being one of the best player to screw up other player's mentality. Including his own teammates. He would have done anything to challenge a player's state of mind just so he could be above them.

Hope Raptors got some mental toughness compared to those in Nets.
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