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"Fake All-Star"

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Originally Posted by EggsToTheBBQ View Post
Karl's just bitter about MJ beating him in the finals.
Karl lost that series for his team when he refused to put Payton on Jordan until they were down 0-3.

If he does that from Game 1 the Sonics win the title that season.
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waiting for his team to return

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Originally Posted by bjjs View Post
Chicken meet Egg

None of those players were the same player when they won the championship as when they were drafted. What happened to make them the professional players that they became. Organization? Culture? Teammates? Coaching?

How many teams have not had a top 5 pick on their roster over the past 5 years?? 0?

How many 'superstars' never won a championship. Miller, Stockton, Malone, Barkley, LBJ, Ewing, Richmond, Payton, Nash, Iverson...the list goes on and on and on.
Did you read my post?

I'm not saying you know from the minute a guy is drafted he's a superstar. I am saying no one on our roster has a chance but JoVal.

I specifically said that if you look at all those guys that won championships, they were studs before they won.

I specifically said that having a star doesn't ensure a championship. I said not having one ensures not winning a title. Many things still have to go right, even after you have the talent. But the common denominator is that talent.
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a baller

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Get a superstar/hall of famer.
Develop a superstar/hall of famer
Develop a great team

They come hand in hand.
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