Chisholm: Take Derozan out of starting 5 in favour of Wright

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Chisholm: Take Derozan out of starting 5 in favour of Wright

Nonetheless, Triano held firm that he was going to start the rookie each night to get him time with a quality starting crew; but to do what, exactly? The only thing that this starting five lacks is a defender, and DeRozan was never advertised as being suitable for that role. He's a scorer first, and he looks positively unsure of how to use his primary skill set to help this team early in the season. He's not terrible at sticking to his man on defence, but as soon as he's screened off of him, or asked to pick up someone else's man in a rotation, he's lost.

To compound matters, because of the depth at his position, DeRozan will typically play only six-to-eight minutes to start each quarter before being quarantined on the bench, which means that not only is he being asked to guard starting shooting guards exclusively, but he himself is being guarded by them at the other end. That means that he's never put in a position where he might be at an offensive advantage against an opposing reserve, where he might be able to get some offensive traction as a rookie who has gotten to this point in the NBA on the back of scoring and athletic prowess. So in a sense one could argue that not only is he letting his team down by struggling defensively against some of the league's most potent scorers, but also he's letting them down again by not being in a position to utilize his offensive assets to compensate. In a starting five with Turkoglu, Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh, DeRozan is the team's last option on offense, making him a wholly unnatural fit in the Raptors' current configuration. As a result he's also being portrayed in the media (especially in the U.S.) as a rookie unable to find his feet at the NBA level and his stock is plummeting as a result. Well, of course he can't find his feet since it's starting to look like they've been lopped off to accommodate a bizarre requirement that he start games as the team's fifth scoring option come hell or high water.
Chisholm: How do you solve a problem like DeRozan?
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Chislom is a dipshit.

Wright belons buried on the bench.

I would rather Jack at the 2 than Wright. And Beli is better than Wright as well.
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who cares about his stock?

he's doing great. this guy must be bored because he's making up problems that don't exist.

Wright haha
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I see his point. But I like his energy in the starting 5. I also think he benefits from easier looks being the 5th option. He will grow into this role. Off the bench I think he would be less focused, less a part of the offense and more of a energy role player.
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If anything, Derozan should be taking Wrights minutes. He's a lot more consistent than Wright. Plus, I don't see the lock down Antoine Wright that people were talking about
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The last thing Wright needs is more confidence. Could you imagine the offensive endeavors he'd embark upon if he started?...I was in favor of starting Wright before the season..that was also before I saw him play.
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Hell no. I would rather start DD any day over Wright
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I'm liking the progress on DeRozan's jumper... it seems he's been working on the ridiculous leg kicking he started the season with... as well as when he attacked the rim last night in the 2 on 1 .. DD > Wright
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Wright has been playing within himself on the offensive end the past handful of games. If Derozan can't step up by the end of the year, I coiuld easily see Wright being a heavy minute player on the wing getting more burn then Belli, Weems, and Derozan.
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wondering why he gets so much hate???? Freedom of speech right???

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for some reason he forces the issue and thinks he's Micheal Jordan......reminds me of Humphries
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I love how after Wright releases his shot he drops his hands and starts going back on defence like he knows he made the shot but it always ends up a brick.
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Derozan had had a very good last 3/4 games besides that one Boston game which everyone sucked in. For a guy playing very limited starters minutes, scoring in double digits in 5 of his last 9 is impressive. I dont think theres any question the guy needs to play MORE and that articles like this are complete BS. If we're gonna go anywhere in the upcoming years in terms of actually GOING PLACES, we're gonna need Derozan to become a star guy and his defence hasnt looked rookie like CONSISTANTLY at all this year. Hes had some tough games but thats mostly due to fouls on the defensive end. I expected him to look lost in most games and I really havent seen that this year. He always seems to know where to be but he gets called for a lot of cheapies unfortunately and his leash hasnt been extended yet. I hope after the allstar break he ups Derozans minutes and cuts down on the who knows what theyre gonna give you group of Beli/Weems/Wright.

Starting Wright is a joke. The guy is shooting like 33% this year and his D has sucked for the most part. I can say with a straight face that Demar has played better defence, and obviously better offence than Wright this year. By far.
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what he is.

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It ain't broken, don't fix it. We're winning.
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I loved the way DD played the last 3/4 games. His jumper has improved and now that Raps D is more consisten and is forcing more turnovers we could use his quickness to obtain easy point in transition.
No reason to bench him now and in any case please, not in favor of Antoine Wright.
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I say we keep Demarr on the starting lineup. It will help him develop more quickly this way. As you can see his jumper is already seeing lots of improvement.
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Two decent games by Wright and already seeing this kind of articles....
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Originally Posted by henrymakepeace View Post
It ain't broken, don't fix it. We're winning.

not to mention that DeRozan has looked rather good of late.
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DD just had his best shooting game of the year, why trot this out now?
At least wait until he starts bricking shots again.
The team is playing fairly well right now, I say leave the lineup alone.
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Keep DD in the starting rotation ... who cares if the US see his progress as slow. He plays for the Raps and the US market.
If he can demonstrate more consistency with his shot, he will start to get more minutes.
I don't believe he will ever be an All Star ... but a solid 2 is certainly w/i his grasp .. playing on both ends of the court.
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Even though the overall coverage is pretty thin with the Raptors (i was waiting for my car to be fixed and noticed Raptors on the backpages of the Post and Globe respectfully) they sure have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many journalists covering them. That leads to BS articles. I kind of feel sorry for the beat writers as they have to send in the mail whenever their name is called upon
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