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Originally Posted by Tommy C View Post
I also realized with BC one thing. He is very good of drafting young players and mold them to his team i.e he took Nash from the Mavs and build around him by getting, Joe Johnson (from Boston), and drafting Amare, Marion, Barbosa etc...
He is not that good when it comes to put the pieces together of players who have had a few years under their belt. i.e Hedu, JO, Wright, Fred Jones, Dixon etc.... it`s just not his forte.
I think Bryan Colangelo is good at identifying young talent. He's usually right when it comes to moves that go under-the-radar at first.

Either that or he had a great scouting staff.
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Originally Posted by js12 View Post
I think Bryan Colangelo is good at identifying young talent. He's usually right when it comes to moves that go under-the-radar at first.

Either that or he had a great scouting staff.
i think its cuz players don't like to come here, at least its not their first choice so he has to acquire those type of players through trades which most of the time doesn't net you a star player in their prime, cuz if that were the case the team wouldn't be moving the player then, its usually due to a massive useless contract or a lucky demand in trade by a player, its rare to see a benefit from both sides, so BC always has to take big risks to get "star" type players
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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
Really, yet you mentioned getting Nash from Dallas and to say he had a few years under his belt by then is a massive understatement. As for his time here, his options are limited and that's also a large understatment. Take a look every summer at the veteran FA in the league, then look at the ones good enough to have options.....then decide how many options there really are from those players and the remaining 2nd-3rd tier players. Then maybe you'll have a bit of an idea what he and every GM in a less desired market has to deal with.

I am not saying BC was terrible as a GM, but it was far from being a huge success. The last straw was losing Bosh, not because Bosh is gone, it is the way it was done. Bosh's departure was written all over the place, it was soooooo crystal clear in the same way that James left the Cavs, but still he decided to take the risk and not to trade him for something in return, and no I am not talking abt a couple of draft picks from the Heat...
Like I said, BC is great in finding hidden gems especially young ones, but not so great in building a team.
I think it's time for new blood in our front office. I have no problem with a new head coach too. though, I really have no problem with Triano.
We had a crappy roster without Reggie and Kleiza due to their injuries, trading Jack was a strange move... Yeah we got Bayless and Wright and Peja, who ended up with a buyout which is too bad because according to sourced on line his value wasn't bad due to the fact he will coming of the books with a $18M salary, and he can still play (look at him in Dallas)..... oh well...
I think I want to see Donnie Walsh in our front office, he made a great progress with the Knicks, except the Melo move that was done behind his knowledge. I think the Knicks, gave too much in return, but this is a whole new topic.
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colangelo's career record is close to .600, and that includes this year's team ... saying that he's not good at building teams is pretty strange. He didn't have success here, but let's be honest, in a small market you need to be really lucky regardless of what you do. And the last thing we had was luck over the last few years.

Look at Memphis, almost every move they made was heavily criticized and now they're in the 2nd round, close to getting to the final. Does that make their moves good now?

Also, saying he didn't have a plan here is showing ignorance. His plan was very clear - to get cap-space to sign another free agent in 2010. That's why so many of us liked the JO deal, we felt that even if it doesn't work out on the field, you end up with a massive 20 million expiring in 2010, which was supposed to be a great summer for free agents.

In hindsight, he should have stuck with that plan, rather than try to appease Bosh with one last ditch effort in 2009. In a perfect world, if I was the GM I would have tried to force Bosh to make up his mind in the summer of '09. Anything but a clear acceptance of the plan and I would have tried to trade him before the deadline. Of course, if the real world you can't be this blunt with your player and you can't just trade your top star without approval of the board. And who knows what happened behind the scenes ...
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Looking to sign a free agent isn't really a plan. And it can hardly be thought to be his plan from the start. He took it on as the only real option to cleaning up the mess with TJ's contract. Who could we have gotten? And what would they be coming into? A small market team is going to need to at least be somewhat respectable if the kinds of free agents that can make a difference decide to sign up. I fail to see how BC gets a pass because this is a small market, and yet his supposed plan was saving up cap space to spend on free agents rather than building some kind of foundation that would interest a free agent. If that's the case then your use of the word "ignorance" should be applied strictly to the golden boy himself moremilk.
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Originally Posted by DDUnreal View Post
Who needs that with Boshes great abilities (refer to any torap post) & Bargs effective 20ppg??
Lol.. that's cute.

bjjs is absolutely right though. Having Bosh and Bargs on the same squad was the very essence of redundancy. We saw pretty much the same thing attempted just a year before with Bosh/CV. Both were/are good offensive players that rely mostly on a face-up game. Unfortunately neither could be relied upon to backstop a defense. I'd say it's fairly obvious who the better was (and still is) though.... and when the experiment failed we really should have looked to a "Plan B".
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