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Dr. J. Naismith 07-29-2008 04:48 PM

Chisholm: Bench Warming
I'd have to say I'm incline to agree with Tim. We were once known to have one of the best 2nd units in the league not to long ago, not we're certainly thin. :(


Originally Posted by TSN.ca
One through five the team is solid, if unspectacular. Chris Bosh and Jermaine O'Neal make-up probably the most talented frontcourt in the NBA, and Jose Calderon is a point guard who's production sits just below, but still below, that of elite names like Deron Williams and Chris Paul. Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon have proven to be serviceable swingmen who may be afforded less responsibilities now that Jermaine O'Neal has become Toronto's 'other' 20-10 impact player who will attract double teams and lock-down the team's post defense.

So while the team could use a little more talent on the wings in the starting five, they are still poised to compete with pretty much any team in the East at the start of each game.

After that, things start to get a lot less promising.

Source - Click here

Major 07-29-2008 04:56 PM

That's what they said about Boston's bench too....

'trane 07-29-2008 04:59 PM

great article.

LX 07-29-2008 06:21 PM

I dunno. I felt like they were thin last season. There were too many guys that had to carry too heavy a load. Everything points again to the defense that JO brings. Just easing the load there makes a good number of players that had to try to play over their heads too often last year, now able to just play. Nobody should be tempted to do it all on their own. They should know where everything begins and ends in terms of having an honest chance at winning games.

I like that there are distinct components that can be used for specific purposes, instead of three guys that can each do the same job as poorly or as well as the next on any given night. If Sam can know for sure what he's going to get from half of the bench then he's ahead of where he was at last year when he needed them to shore up the starting lineup all too often, and all hope of consistency was lost.

The MVP of West Hollywood 07-29-2008 07:50 PM

Everything depends on Bargnani at this point... if he can turn into a 15ppg 6th man of the year contender, he'll relieve a lot of our depth issues.

Apollo 07-29-2008 11:40 PM


Originally Posted by Major (Post 46878)
That's what they said about Boston's bench too....

The bench doesn't need to be spectacular. The fact that one of either Chris or Jermaine will be out there at all times will allow for less drop off.

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