Cavs interested in a S&T for Bosh?
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Cavs interested in a S&T for Bosh?

Mo, Jamison, Hickson, possibly a pick for Bosh and Jose? Thats a pretty tempting offer.

The Raptors are exactly where the Cavs don't want to be as they pretty much have come to terms with the fact that they will not be keeping one of the league's premier power forwards in Bosh. Bosh has given Toronto his all these past seven years, but it hasn't been anywhere near close enough and he's ready to contend for a championship.

While ready to move on from Toronto, Bosh appears to be willing to help them on his way out. Rather than just signing with a team outright he's said to be very interested in a sign-and-trade deal that would give him more money and the Raptors some talent in return. Cleveland was not a part of his list that he reportedly gave to Raptor management earlier in the summer as preferred destinations, but he certainly wouldn't mind being there if it meant playing with LeBron James.

The Cavs happen to have a very attractive package to entice the Raptors with. They could package up Mo Williams, Antawn Jamison, and J.J. Hickson for Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh, which would be a hard deal for anyone else in the league to top. Two All-Star caliber players and a promising prospect is a very nice consolation prize for losing Bosh, especially considering that the Los Angeles Lakers are highly unlikely to put Andrew Bynum on the table after winning consecutive championships.

But boy, do the Cavs sure like our players. Moon, Parker, and possibly Bosh and Jose.
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It won't happen.....Bosh has been saying all offseason he doesn't want to be a 2nd option....that trade isn't bad however Mo isn't a great shoot-first pg and Jamison is getting up there in age. Would be nice to dump Jose on em'.

But they would really capatalize off this trade as they are dumping an old vet who didn't work out during the playoffs who takes Bosh's position, a pg who always struggles during the playoffs, and a young-somewhat talented player that I think had no room to improve last year with all the PF's on the Cavs.

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We'd be loaded for the next few years with
JJ Crapson for the next 3-4 years
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Mo - Average
Hickson - Nothing right now. Basically scores off dunks from great passes by LBJ
Jamison - Solid player but nothing great. Also making close to $30million the next two years.
Pick - Most likely a late pick anyways

Basically we turn into the Cavs without LeBron James. I rather pass.
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