Can we be as patient as ATL?
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Default Can we be as patient as ATL?

A few days ago I remember seeing a piece on ATL Hawks head coach Mike Woodson and how this is his FIFTH season behind the bench.... in spite of the fact that the Hawks have had some pretty dismal records under his watch.

1st yr: 13 wins

2nd yr: 26 wins

3rd yr: 30 wins

4th yr: 37 wins

5th yr: 47 wins

6th yr (thus far): One of the best teams in the NBA.

The first 3 seasons the Hawks didn't make the playoffs.... yet they stuck with him.... and it seems to be paying dividends now.

ATL had a good young star in Joe Johnson.... but little else back when Woodson came aboard. They PASSED (inexplicably) on Chris Paul and took Marvin Williams instead.... but rebounded by snagging Josh Smith and Al Horford and brought in Bibby last year and Crawford this season. And the proof is in the pudding... they're playing some great basketball right now. And although the roster has vastly improved Woodson deserves a lot of credit (IMO).

In my mind Triano could easily follow in Woodson's footsteps.... but he's definitely going to need some help from management to make it happen.

I have to admit though...... watching ATL right now... a team that was even MORE brutal than we were just a few short seasons ago.... it's tough to swallow.
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The Atlanta Hawk and Tbay Rays experiment would just not fly in toronto. Do you really want the place to be a library for 7 years or so before winning?

You really need ONE player to build off in the nba. Unfortunately Bosh is the 2nd player not the 1st
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Help from management? He's got more talent here then the Raptors have had in years. The first 3 years for Woodsen were horrible........why, no talent. If Woodsen had talent on his squad and still was horrible, he'd be gone by now. You can't compare the talent Atlanta had back then to what we have right now. We aren't in a complete rebuild like they were in.
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Constantly changing coaches is no way to bring stability to a franchise. The fact is that from a basketball perspective, Triano's principles are sound. It comes down to the players executing the way they're supposed to and actually showing up.
I feel sorry for JT right now. The players are sabotaging his systems with their lacklustre effort and poor decision making.
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I'm in favor of giving a coach a fair amount of time..and I really have no problem with the rebuilding process if I'm convinced there is 'light at the end of the tunnel'. I never really was convinced with this team, and it seems we're stuck in mediocrity. Sometimes I'd rather have a young, inexperienced team piling on the lottery picks for the future.

ATL could've been even better than there are now. They missed out on CP3 -but Marvin Williams has developed into a nice player. And they drafted Sheldon Williams a spot ahead of Roy. Hindsight I know, but just imagine..

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Its been what, 8 years? We've been fucking patient enough.

Enough is enough. Every year its the same ending to a different story. And although the story is different its really the same in a lot of ways since it always involves the defensive side of the ball yet Colangelo, our so called great GM, keeps bringing in offensive players. The guy wants to make us the most potent offensive team in the league but still, after 15 years or however long hes been doing this, doesnt realize defence wins championships and the way to building a team is to have 2-3 key star guys and good role players around him.

We've got one star guy and one near star guy in Turk, and the rest are good shooters and some good bench players but they arent coherant on defence and dont have any clue how to play it.

We need grit, athleticism, and toughness.
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you mean do what Portland and OKC did as well

the Raps are like the Jays, draft a couple of good players, sign some big money contracts (which don't work out)

right now the Jays are refocusing on drafting and not jumping the gun and tying up money on free agency

I'd like to see the team start over, I don't care if we have a couple of bad years, as long as we get talented players through the draft the future will look bring

right now it looks like we'll spend many years as a 7-10 seed
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