Calderon Far from Ideal NBA Point Guard
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Default Calderon Far from Ideal NBA Point Guard

Hmmm .... interesting read and I'm wondering how many people would agree with the writer.

Originally Posted by The Bleacher Report
In today's NBA, point guards who pass first and shoot second are quite a rarity. This may or may not have something to do with the role these skilled players are asked to fill as youngsters. For these guys to win, they have to score in bunches.

Hence, players like Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Chris Paul, and Jose Calderon are indeed special. In a league of players trying to emulate Marbury and Iverson, these guys turn the clock back to the days of Stockton.

Now, here's the catch.

Over their combined 50 years in the league, Calderon, Paul, Nash, Kidd, and Stockton have zero NBA Championships. Kidd, Nash, and Stockton are already Hall-of-Famers. Paul and Calderon are still young, but both have a strong shot at having legendary statistical careers.

The fact is, the importance of point guards is blown out of proportion. This isn't the NCAA and the NBA always has been and always will be a league of giants. It goes without saying that true point guards garner much attention, but more so due to their rarity than their actual importance to an NBA team's overall chances at winning a championship.
Originally Posted by The Bleacher Report
Consider the point guards who have won championships in the past 10 years. Tony Parker and Derek Fisher have won three apiece. Chauncey Billups, Rajon Rondo, Avery Johnson, and Jason Williams each won a championship as well.

A case could be made for Johnson, but he was averaging close to seven assists, and was far from this prototypical "true" point guard who averages anywhere from nine to 11 assists per night like the five guys we're focusing on.

The point of this detour through NBA history was to show a slight error in some proclaiming that Calderon was an example for all point guards to follow—because he's far from it.
Originally Posted by The Bleacher Report
A true point guard is a vocal leader who makes his teammates better. He leads by example, knows how to dictate the tempo of a game, when to be passive, and when to be assertive. He's able to break down defenses through penetration off the bounce, and he mostly takes shots within the flow of the offense, rarely forcing bad shots which disrupt a team's on-court chemistry.

He's also his team's first line of defense, a student of the game, and an extension of the coach's philosophy on the court. He knows where the ball needs to go and to whom it needs to go to. He possesses great court vision, and is able to exploit defensive mistakes by the opponent.

If we're to accept that definition of the ideal true point guard, how many areas are missing in Calderon's repertoire?

For starters, he's absolutely incapable of keeping his man in front of him. If he's matching up against a Chauncey Billups or Tony Parker in the final game of a series, he's probably going to cost you the game on this weakness alone.

Secondly, if we're to speak of him in the same breath as Nash, Kidd, Stockton, or Paul, let's figure out where the hell these assists are coming from.
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Interesting fodder, but then Kidd will win this year, Paul will win next, Deron will win one and they'll be saying pass first guards are the way to go... (I'm speaking hypothetically of course)
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Meh. Championships are often won by the best player in the league, or the two best players. Chris Bosh is still obviously our meal ticket.

Stockton should have a ring along with Malone, but a guy named Michael Jordan crushed a lot of deserving players' hopes of getting a ring.

Having a pass-first PG definitely helps. Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Stockton, etc. all play/played on some fantastic teams.

And I notice that the author conveniently forgets Magic and Isiah, both who have rings.
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I think you can make a point that it's very rare for a team to win a championshion when their best player is the point guard. But this guy fails common logic and claims that it's better to have a mediocre point guard in order to win a championship ...

And the fact that he gives Derek as an example is ridiculous, those championships were won because the Lakers had the best center AND, the best guard in the league and one of the top coaches, not because of Derek Fisher. With that kind of talent, you can afford an average pg.

The only reason why so few top point guards have won championships is because there are so few top point guards period. It would be really hard to come up with 10 great point guards in the last 10 years, but there have been tons of great wings in the past decade.
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When coaches are shopping for a PG, I'm pretty sure their top priority is a guy who can distribute and score efficiently, which Calderon does very well.
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yeah, because i'm sure that rajon rondo, derek fisher, JASON WILLIAMS, and Avery Johnson were the reason their teams won a chip.

he's taken all sides of jose's game and put them in a negative light, but that's just how jose plays. okay, so he's not taking allen iverson one on one off the dribble, but who is? jose always finds other ways to be affective, and he doesn't need to be dropping 28 or throwing risky passes in transition to do so.

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