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is getting to the line..

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here's abit .... link to article below:

TORONTO -- The opening scene of Chris Bosh's new documentary, "First Ink," shows the hoopster cruising around Toronto, city lights shining off the gleaming hood of his car while a soundtrack blares the same sample over and over: "Rep T-Dot till they bury me."

Sounds like the feel-good movie of the year for Raptors fans nervous about the four-time all-star's impending free agency. And Bosh, for his part, says he has grown to appreciate playing north of the border.

"I just came here (in the summer) and I was like: 'Dang, I'm comfortable here,"' Bosh told The Canadian Press in a recent interview at a posh Toronto hotel.

"Usually, when I was younger, I'd come here and I couldn't wait to go back home (to Texas). I'd go home and sit there and do nothing. Now? It's like, we're going to T.O.! When you going back to Dallas? Pfft, I don't know -- whenever. I just feel comfortable here."
But he says now that more personnel changes -- the Raptors entered the season with nine new players -- would not be the answer.

"The changes come from within," he said. "Sometimes the culture of sports, people think: 'Well, they gotta get a new player, they gotta get a new coach.' Nah. Sometimes it can just be communication."

And, he notes, it's on him to improve the situation here. He dismisses the idea that he needs another body to help him fight for rebounds inside.

"I think we've gotten help, but sometimes it's like, well, why don't I help myself? Sometimes you just have to look at yourself, it's not going to come from somewhere else, so maybe it has to come from you.

"This year, I thought maybe I needed to get stronger. I can't just look to this guy for help, like, 'Help me please, somebody, the gods, please, send me a big guy with muscles and that's mean and brawny to help me!' . . . Maybe I just need to put in the work to be that guy or to help myself a little more."

Bosh has long said that he'll decide where to play next season based on where he can be happy, which largely comes down to team success. With 2010 and a decision on his future looming, is he comfortable going forward with the Raptors' current core of players?

"I think I am, only if they're comfortable with themselves," he said. "They have to believe in themselves, first and foremost, before I can believe in them. I have to believe in myself before they believe in me. I can't do work for anybody else and vice versa.

"They have to be self-driven and self-motivated and they have to feel they can contribute to a championship team and I have to feel the same thing."
Full article: Bosh's Toronto-filmed DVD shows him feeling at home in Canada
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now those are words i wanted to hear. every raptor needs to think this way. if the gm and staff tthink they can bring in extra guys, that's their business. until they do, this is the team you have, and it's up to every one of the players to get the most they can out of it. don't look to others for help, create it yourself.
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the next dictator of MLSE

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re sign with a hometown discount
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Originally Posted by Windex View Post
re sign with a hometown discount
well technically he does because after taxes, people with the same salary as him earn more money.
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that's great to hear
the way he's playing this year, a max contract is justifiable. Could still prove to be a mistake (always be wary of players playing hard in a contract year), but it's getting harder to harder to argue against it.

In truth, it doesn't really matter if Bosh ends up making 30 mils 6 years from now, as long as MLSE is willing to pay the tax. And if we'll be winning by then, they will definitely will.
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... the last tank got us Bargs

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Did you hear the Bosh interview on CBC yesterday? It starts about 20 min.

Bosh on Studio Q
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did anyone get the pre-ordered signed dvd copy from his site? apparently it isn't available anymore.
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