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The MVP of West Hollywood 03-15-2008 10:49 PM

Bosh plans to return Wednesday against Miami

I'm fine with this, playing in Salt Lake City was a loss anyway you cut it, so we can afford to sit him a couple more days. Hopefully we absolutely crap on the Heat, will get our confidence up.

Dr. J. Naismith 03-16-2008 01:01 AM

Phew .... thank god but I hope he's not pushing it this time around. I guess its inevitable that he's going to have these types of injuries throughout his career, but I hope he can stick it out at least for the rest of this season. Because at the pace we're playing right now, we might not even make the playoffs. :crying:

Arsenalist 03-16-2008 01:28 AM

He'll be a bit off when he comes back, he always is and it's to be expected by now. So don't be shocked if you see him not be as aggressive as he usually his. I know fans start shitting on him every time he pops a jumper but over the next few games, he'll get a pass from me. His injury is unfortunate because he was in mid-season form, I'm hoping he regains his momentum in time for the playoffs, we have about 20 games left so there's plenty of time.

Dr. J. Naismith 03-16-2008 01:32 AM

I just also want him back for the double teams he attracts which will allow our chuckers to do their thing. Without him, opposing teams are pretty much relaxed and sitting back having a field day with our guys. That's also why it would be nice to have a second scoring option on this team. :(

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