[BM] Amir & Ed vs Pacers + Dunleavy Elbows Bargnani Back
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da truth

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Default [BM] Amir & Ed vs Pacers + Dunleavy Elbows Bargnani Back

Amir vs Pacers Dec 6 2010
Dunleavy Elbows Bargnani Back Dec 6 2010
Ed Davis vs Pacers Dec 6 2010
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nosce te ipsum
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i saw the elbowing incidents this morning and i gotta say i loved Bargnani's reaction to Dunleavy. Man i am totally liking him more and more this year.
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bosh would have never reacted like that......man he was a massive bitch now that i think of it lol
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back to fold laundry

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Amir is growing as a player, he plays hard and with hustle! If he continues to play like this, it will be good for the Raps. Bargnani is showing grit and toughness there! Never thought it was in him, but I guess with that elbow and his off game he was bound to put someone on their ass. Ed Davis is looking really solid even with missing the preseason and some games. He seems to favor his left side since he's a natural lefty but he's going to have be strong on both sides. Other than, he's been really solid.
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hopefully we use our draft pick this year, let's not miss out this years Rodney hood

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our bigs aren't the issue right now, its not having no real threat on the perimeter,

Derozan and Sonny need to play better flat out
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better than you

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^ his name is Peja Stojakovic and he's got a bum knee right now.
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