Bleacher Report: Grading Raptors Preseason
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Bleacher Report: Grading Raptors Preseason

Good read courtesy of Robert Seagal from the Bleacher Report. Discusses and grades the Raptors preseason do far.

I'll post his grades of all the players and his final thoughts, but for the total summary click on the link below.

Originally Posted by Bleacher Report
Final Thoughts:

I like the move to bring in O'Neal, but only because of what he will mean as an expiring contract, and a locker room presence. On the court, he doesn't fit what the Raptors do offensively, and he's a major injury risk. If I were the GM, which I'm not, I could say that both Parker and Bargnani would be Raptors.

But with the Ford situation, I might have gone for Artest over O'Neal, saved Rasho's and Maceo's expiring deals, and perhaps taken a chance in the draft on a young player like Nicholas Batum from France.

Certainly, if Canada is a place for any international player, it would be for a French one.

Despite being Italian, I was praying the Raptors would avoid trading Humphries for Belinelli, and try instead to make a move for Fernandez, who was still available when the Heat were up to pick at 20.

Instead, the entire league stands by as Portland continues to shore up wing players to play with Oden and Aldridge.

Here's some food for thought. Without doubt, out of Portland's wings; Batum, Outlaw, Roy, Fernandez, and Webster, every one of them would have a shot at starting for the Raptors, and four of them would certainly start while Batum is still a little raw.

It's scary. I'm not sure if it shows just how good Portland is, or just how weak the Raptors are at that wing position. This preseason has done nothing to erase those worries.

Players Grades

Kris Humphries - Grade: B

Jason Kapono - Grade: D+

Jermaine O' Neal - Grade: C+

Andrea Bargnani - Grade: A

Chris Bosh - Grade: A-

Roko Leni Ukic - Grade: B

Willie Solomon - Grade: D+

Hassan Adams - Grade: F-

Joey Graham - Grade: B

Jamal Sampson - Grade: Incomplete

Nathan Jawai - Grade: Incomplete

Jose Calderon - Grade: C+

Anthony Parker - Grade: B+

Jamario Moon - Grade:B-/C+
Source - Click here
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is back baby

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LOL at Adams...
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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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No kidding. Not only did he fail him, he failed him miserably.
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Don't really agree with assessment of J.O. to be honest. He seems to already have developed a negative opinion of him and it's carrying through. And championships are won through defense. J.O. gives us something in the low blocks we haven't had in a LONG (ever?) time. And offensively, building throwing into one of our bigs will cause a whack of problems for the oppositions defense and their setting. Someone will be left open, guaranteed, and that's why we have Parker, Calderon and Kapono on this squad.

Having Artest here, even though I love him, would never have happened. We had TJ as our chip to trade, Sacramento had Beno who I think is maybe a superior PG to TJ. Why would they simply deal him for Artest. Wishful thinking at its finest.

As for Portland. It's nice to have that many players, but Webster is out two months and I'm starting to wonder how long will Travis Outlaw be happy as a 6th man. He's already stated his desire to start and he's kind of the wild card there, in regards to chemistry. Also, Batum is far from a finished product. Roy and Fernandez are great players and I'm jealous over not having Fernandez here.
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grading veterans for their pre-season is the dumbest thing one can do ... and giving a A to Bargnani is downright insulting, I mean really, what were his expectations for Andreea, to be a scrub? For every good game, Andreea had an equally bad one, his rebounding has improved only marginally, and his post game is only slightly better than what he's shown in previous seasons.

Based on what I've seen so far, I think Andreea will be lucky to average 12 and 5 this season ...
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a paranoid android

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theres was no chance of getting fernandez to To. Portland had been working on that for 2 years.
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