Better Defense = More Injuries?
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Better Defense = More Injuries?

The biggest complaint about the Raptors so far I think is about Defense, or lack thereof. I think this goes hand in hand with toughness and rebounding as well since the more you jump the more chances you land on someone's foot and sprain your ankle. I think this is exactly what happened to Evans although I haven't seen any videos of the injury after the game. This was probably a wake up call to Bosh.

So a Raps fan would question: Are the Raps playing the best defense they possibly can?

I don't think they are in my opinion.
I think that Bosh can play a lot better defense, but he is unwilling to. Reason is because he is looking to get a max contract next season, and if he gets injured and is out 3 weeks, his value is going to drop dramatically and other teams won't be able to see his highlights for a while so he will be kind of forgotten about. I think the same goes for all the other players on the team, but the most evident person would be Bosh.

So after reading this do you think the complaints about lack of team defense are credible?

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thinking Stephen Harper has got to go.

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Hhhhmmm, ummmm, NO
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finding your post helpful

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playing good defense is just playing hard on defense so ye injuries will come but I don't think anyones scared to get injured one guy loses his man another man helps off his and it leaves an opponent open its happened every game and we've shown we can play defense so I'm not too worried it'll come.
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Injuries happen to anyone at any time...Not just on defence LOL

Bosh could just be walking to his car and slip on some ice then his season could be over...

What is this thread about again?
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To me, it appears as though Bosh is reluctant to challenge shots so he can better position himself for a rebound and avoid fouls. Then again, if he is challenging shots who's going to consistantly rebound? However, because he doesn't challenge alot of shots, there are less rebounds due to the fact the shots are so rudimentry. Dilemma? Probably not.
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well Bosh certainly needs to step up his man to man defence. he's a great help defender but i'd like to see him become more dominant on defence. now that would be a scary bosh.
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O'Neal tried to take like 5 or 6 charges on his chest yesterday, landing on his ass, but yet its his knees that are the problem... is offline   Boss Key Wife Key
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Bosh gets nuts injury and posterized for playing Defense..... Double Damage.
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