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Demar Derozan 22 45.83%
Ed Davis 7 14.58%
Jonas Valanciunas 19 39.58%
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Originally Posted by Blaze View Post
I actually don't consider any of those players stars, they are all very good players but not stars. Horford, a PF was only named an allstar because of how weak the east was in star power this year. (I know Horford plays C but thats only because of Smith) The rest are actual centers and while they are all very good, none are someone that you can even remotely begin to build a franchise around.

As for percentages, you've given none, just suggested that more SG are busts. If you actually want to work out percentages you would calculate how many SGs are bust compared to the SGs drafted and how many Cs are bust compared to the Cs drafted, but who the hell is going to do that. But just from recent memory, I would think that the Cs would have a higher percentage.
I would suggest the top 25 players in the league aren't all ideal choices for starting a franchise around either.
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Yeah, I don't think anyone will bother to look at all drafts over the recent 10 years or so and count busts.
Also, we'd have to decide what's a bust. If a no.10 pick becomes a solid starter but no star, is he a bust?
Like Brook Lopez. I'd say no, because no.10 picks aren't supposed to be stars.

The big issue to me in that there are very few "breakout" centers who aren't drafted in top 5 and become anything close to stars.
Generally, best centers get drafted top 5. Some of them bust, some of them go on to be pretty good - Tyson Chandlers, Emekas. Some of them end up very good even if for a limited time. Yao, Dwight, Pau, Bogut, Horford.

Now with SGs, it's not the same at all. They are spread all over the place. Teams have a really tough time finding great SGs.
There's been 1 great SG drafted in the top 5 since Jordan era - Wade. Maybe Harden / Tyreke will break the curse.
On the other hand, there's a ton of late SG gems, even late in 1st / early in the 2nd round.

So I think if you ask who busts more, a lot will depend on where you look.
When teams see a center with star potential, they always draft him top 5. I can only think of one exception, Bynum, where a lot of teams thought he may be good but were too scared to take him.
So if you count centers who are drafted outside top 5, you'll really make it look like there's a ton of busts when in reality nothing was expected of them.

On the other hand, when teams sees Monta Ellis - a potential star with significant character flags - they often pass. Heck, even DeRozan. Everyone knew he had hgue potential. If he was a similarly raw center, he wouldn't last to no.9. With SGs, that's normal.
So with SGs, you have to look at far bigger spread of picks to get a good picture.

Anyway, to make it short. You can't just count all centers and SGs in the draft and look at how many of them were great. Centers outside of top 5 are not expected to be great, those are pretty much always "need" picks trying to find a decent starter.
I'd look at % of center busts in top 5. And compare it to % of SG busts in the lottery or so. Maybe even full first / early second.

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