Bench a Bigger Key Than Turkoglu To a Vastly Improved Season.
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Default Bench a Bigger Key Than Turkoglu To a Vastly Improved Season.

Our bench this season has been vastly improved in both talent and toughness. I really feel that this, more than any other thing, will create the biggest impact on the greatly improved wins total we should be able to achieve this season.

Turk will certainly add some scoring and craftiness, but the shear quantity of quality players we've added to our bench will assure that our practices are tougher, higher tempo and more energetic on both ends of the floor. This will have a far bigger impact on our season than Turk will. You play how you practice, any good coach will attest to that.

Triano made an excellent point the other day when he said everything changed when Reggie Evans came into camp a couple of days ago. He immediately raised the level of energy, toughness and defence that the scrimmages had portrayed from the moment he showed up. He used Andrea as an example. He said Andrea had shown a vastly improved, post game and was able to pretty much do anything he wanted to, out there. Reggie came in and that immediately changed as he was dogging Andrea all over the court, causing him fits.

Last year we had no-one on the bench to challenge these guys, they would ladi-da through practice and face culture shock, when the lights came on for real. How can Bargs, Bosh, Turk and Calderon not improve when they're facing the likes of Reggie, Rasho, A.Johnson, Jack and Wright everytime they practice? This forces them to find ways, to improve their games in order to adapt and compete. When the lights come on for real, they will be prepared and may actually feel relieved to be released from the shackles of those second unit guys. The benches quality will also allow us to shut down other teams and extend leads, That certainly was not the case a season ago. I'm curious what others think will be the biggest key to our improvement this season?

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can't entirely disagree.

However lets just look at the guys that start.

Age old adage is that to win, your best player have to be just that, your best players.

I think the reals are right here:

can Bosh take it to another level by bringing a certain level of intensity every night, weve seen it, so we know he can... but can he sustain it.

can Calderon prove guys like me right and return to his old form and the arc he was on, or does he revert, and prove Jackson right. Thi sis a very important piece.

Was Bargnani a mirage last year????

These to me are the keys.

Hedo is an upgrade on Parker.
And Derozen is a rookie.

The bench is important, but if your stars arent stars, then the bench is only maintainind mediocrity once they hit the floow, and that won't cut it.
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I agree with SJ on this. I mean Dalembert didn't appear to benefit from Reggie hounding him in practice now did he?
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This is absolutely a good thing, and I agree that our bench is critical for us - just as it was 2 seasons ago when we made the playoffs.

It's been over a year since we had NBA-caliber backups for our starters to scrimmage against; Bargnani, Bosh, Parker, Calderon and Jamario probably looked positively electric when they were able to torch Roko, Will Solomon, Joey Graham, Jason Kapono and Kris Humphries in practise.

This team definitely had its share of pansies on the bench last year, and it will be much more competitive now that that our starters need to prove themselves against Jack, Weems/Belinelli, Antoine Wright, Reggie Evans and Rasho -- players that pretty much any NBA team would actually play in their rotation.

As a matter of fact, I think just the subtraction of Kapono alone makes our team 25% tougher. I'm not even joking!!!
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hahaha and you're most liekly right.

Not as funny this year, but a hell of a lot better
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Bench is very important for all of the teams. Raptors' bench is one of the best in NBA.
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