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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
Hard work and discipline, thats what prevails, depending upon confidence is the easy way out, and hot streaks mean nothing during crunch time. Form, repetition, hard work, and volume are what make great shooters.
Exactly. Shooting can be taught.
I'm not tall or particularly physically gifted, but I could (can) shoot the rock because I put up thousands upon thousands of jumpers in my teens.
It comes down to a number of small elements. Feet set, shoulders square, focus, form, arc and follow through . Every time I miss I know exactly what I did wrong. Usually it's something stupid like watching the flight path of the ball instead of the back of the rim.

Hopla should be able to diagnose tiny errors like that and get the guys back on track.
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is pounding the rock!

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you know whats funny Dann, I CAN'T shoot unless I look at the flight path, UNLESS it's on little 10-12 foot leaners using the glass because I'm moving and need a target. I KNOW it's wrong, and I try, I just don't get it.

But everything Dann has said is dead on. Only and ONLY after hundreds of thousands of shots do fade aways and all those stupid shots Kobe shoots work. Guys like him, and all the other sharp shooters in the NBA put in thier time on the fundamentals.

For me, my flaws are getting my feet set and my legs into the shot, also, not letting my elbow flare out ( what Calderon went through, exactly)
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Hopefully Beli's shooting doesn't get worse . That would definitely kill his confidence.
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