BC Loses His Cool Yesterday
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Default BC Loses His Cool Yesterday

Take it for what its worth, but a member at the RealGM that was sitting pretty close to where Bryan usually stands during games at the ACC saw this yesterday afternoon during the Celtics game.

Originally Posted by RealGM
Was sitting in section 116A today (right above the tunnel where the players come in and out of and right where Colangelo stands), and as per usual I spent a great deal of the game watching Colangelo's reactions. Today he was fairly calm but lost it after two or three bad calls and yelled at the refs a bit. I even noticed him signal Triano in the second half, motioning him to get the team running a bit more and that is exactly what Triano did after he subbed in Roko and went small with Joey at the 4 and Bargs at the 5.

The most interesting thing I witnessed happened at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Colangelo was standing in his usual spot and seemed to be in a pretty deep discussion with Ass. GM Marc Eversley when the Boston version of Elliot Freidman began to creep closer and closer to Colangelo, in hopes of hearing the content of the discussion. This went on for close to 10 minutes before Colangelo noticed that this sideline reporter was now right behind him and listening intently. Bryan gave a few look backs as to signal that he knew the guy was there and a polite way of saying "get lost" but the idiot didn't take the hint. Finally Bryan turned around and said "get lost!" and motioned for the reporter to stand at the other side of the tunnel. The reporter did just that, looking like a kid getting called out by his parents, he moved to the other side of the tunnel, and eventually disappeared.

Just a little tidbit, something I saw and really found interesting. I always wonder with Colangelo standing right there if he ever enters into serious conversation about players, or trades or anything serious. I was glad to see him call this guy out, really made me remember that nobody messes with Colangelo!
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So BC wants the Raps to run but he traded the PG required for an up-tempo offence and kept a half-court PG.

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Originally Posted by Stonezz View Post
So BC wants the Raps to run but he traded the PG required for an up-tempo offence and kept a half-court PG.

Why does everyone go back to TJ. To hell with him he put him self ahead of the team. You run as a team not as an individual.You run under control. Why we would want the Pacers back up pg anyway.....he made it clear he wanted to start here lol the ass hole can't even start for the Pacers now.
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That's why he fired Sam, Colangelo couldn't force Sam to do whatever he wanted, but it looks like Triano is executing orders from boss.
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u guys are all reduclious, yes BC fired sam beucause he couldent boss him around, ya right in the middle of the season. sure. and TJ ya i loved him, more then calderon. But hey, he was a selfish prix who only cared about starting and he did that annoying "im gonna try and win this game, in the next 4 posessions im gonna jack up all the shots my self" which didnt work all the time. Oh and if he falls again, we would be fucked.
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the nocionni and hughes trade i mentionedd and that has been rumored
would really help us
2 solid wings
for a tall injury prone ex franchise player
and hek throw in moon to if they want
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stop mentioning it in every thread then.
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