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DSWC 07-13-2012 07:39 PM

BC interview during summer league game
Just in case people don't see this in the Summer league thread... There was an interview with BC during the game, and he had a few things to say... most importantly was that Valanciunas will probably sign his contract next week!


BC interview

Ross gives us a lot of depth - beside DeMar or at the 2 spot. Like his athleticism
Acy helps with toughness

Valanciunas - buyout was negotiated last year, but paperwork needs to be done. Paperwork should be done next week. Offense coming along, love defense and rebounding

Trying to get tougher, rebound better and more of a focus on defense

Defense, under Casey
-Performance bonuses for Casey, need to make some offensive ones too. Improvement with same players.
-Val was a long-term strategy
-30th to 12th in PP 100

Lowry, Nash
-PG position - Lowry - Thought Nash was best scenario, beyond his style of play, would have helped Val
Plan B - still really good, one of the better PGs statistically. Love tenacity.
Whether or not Jose stays, will be seen, but if he's coming off of the bench, his leadership would help second group.
Up to Dwane to decide
Waiting on Fields offer-sheet, should know within 24 hours.

Position may change, coming into contract year

More coming up...

More BC

Waiting on Fields
-We needed some work at the 3 spot, a guy that can play 2 positions. Plays both sides of the ball. Rebounds well, hits open shots. Impressed with rookie season. High basketball IQ

Toronto - what would you like to see - style of play?
Happy medium, not all one style. Defense is really the key to our new culture. Walked ball up too often - always have to flow. Val and Amir run floor really well. More up-tempo team. Focus last year (short training camp) was on D. Emphasis more on running this year.

"I think that the coaches gave T Ross the green light today"

Play together? DeMar/Ross
-Not every rookie is going to come in and play 40 minutes a game.
-Ross could play alongside, not a 1,2,3 - "they're wings" can both be on the floor at the same time - depending on matchups.

Acie 07-14-2012 09:36 AM

Bryan Colangelo Interview | video | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE TORONTO RAPTORS

poetics 07-14-2012 09:42 AM

BC has more work to do

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