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Default Bargs.

I think this will be a crazy important week for his development. With Bosh out he needs to play well and put up points. What will be interesting is, will this move him to the 4?

If Bargs does well, we may look back on this as a turning point....

...If he flounders it may do irrepairable damage to him.

My fingers will be crossed, for the former.

P.S. If people are not using the "new posts" link at the top they really should be.
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Nooo i want Bargs at 5
if he moves to 4 whos going to play 5 ?
w.e 4 and 5 are the same shit in sams systemm
ii just hope Bargs gains some confidence and drops some serious #z
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i wanna see if he will post up a bit, grab some boards and fight for position. If he bombs 10+ treys a game and has some OK PPG numbers it could be the worst thing for him imo.
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Even if he isn't outstanding this week, I'll still be confident that he's on his way. He's shown me enough talent and moves, and at times a will to be good and live up to the hype, that I have faith in him.

Maybe this is just me being over-estatic from last night, but if I was transported back to draft day, I think I'd still take Bargs #1. I love Roy, but I don't think he'll really get much better than he is right now(I think he's more of a finals MVP type and emotional leader than one with enough skills to be elite), plus he has knee problems.

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