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Post Bargnani's Statistics + Dec 15

This is coming from an Italian Site

Translated to English

According to an Italian custom in voga probably from when Italy has been born, if something does not work the guilt is sure of: 1) of Sistema 2) of the others. To said of some, in fact, the cause of the lacked progresses Bargnani is sure from attributing itself to the bad management dell' former coach Sam Mitchell. Gone via gentleman former Indiana and Minnesota, there would be due to be then l' outbreak of the Wizard. With Triano instead the numbers also they are gotten worse. These are statistics for contest of Bargnani in the 17 contests (7W-10L) disputed in this season with coach Mitchell: 27,9 minuteren - 11,8 points - 3,0 make them - 1,2 lost - 5,0 bounces - 24/56 from three (43%) - 74/161 total (46%) - 1,5 stoppate. These instead statistics of the Wizard in the 5 contests (2W-3L) with Triano: 28,8 minuteren - 6,2 points - 3,4 make them - 1,4 lost - 4,8 bounces - 2/14 from three (14%) - 9/39 total (23%) - 1,8 stoppate. Perhaps Ok, then the guilt was not own all of Mitchell. But nothing fear, boys, c' it is always l' ” equivocal” small wing. Yes, because some have had the courage to write that one of the other causes of the insufficient yield of the Wizard is from searching itself in the fact that Mitchell, always he, but this time in communion with the pair Colangelo-Gherardini, for fargli playing to many has had it minuteren to move all' titular small wing since in the role of along it is closed from Bosh and O' Neal. But anyone has seen to play Bargnani to Toronto (and also in Italy) has been able to see that the Wizard offensively is un' small wing, certainly less fast than 3 lighter, but the qualities are those of an outside, also because it does not have l' aggressiveness in order to fight in the row sottocanestro and to capture the bounces. As along he can always place the blocks, but the boy knows to put ball for earth and to pull from outside, that they are characteristic typical of a small wing exactly. In defense sure instead he must play from 4 or 5, because otherwise it would suffer the players more expresses than, and then he knows to stoppare, but permane the problem of the ferocity that would be necessary in order to fight under basket. In the week as soon as passed, the Raptors has had a lost budget of two gained and two, and, unfortunately, like anticipated poc' indeed, with a insufficient contribution of the n.7 roman, that the park bench like change of the long ones in the contest against Indiana and then against the Nets is returned beginning from, sight also l' absence of Humpries. Change that but has not had effect since Bargnani has not marked not even a point, with three lost and four makes them with the Pacers. Better instead against the Nets, where it has attacked mainly the basket (6 free ones on 6, like small wing…) and taken also 7 bounces (well like along…), but pulling once again badly on action (2 on 10). In the two contests precedence however Andrea it had already disputed some minuteren in the role of 4 or 5, but suffering enormously the greater fisicità from the long ones of the Blazers (Oden and Pryzbilla) and even of the not irresistibile unit inner of the Cavs. Dell' goodbye of Mitchell certainly instead of it has benefitted Moon, Kapono (both promoted titular) and Joey Graham (than for the truth it was playing well already from before). With l' to approach itself of the date in which they can be exchanged also the free-agent signed in summer (15 Decembers), begins to impazzare already “toto-trade” to Toronto, because it is obvious that in this square not to work it could not be only l' trainer. According to some Canadian sources Colangelo Jr. he would have already characterized the pawns to yield (l' officially injured person Parker) and he would be trying to intavolare of the negotiations in order to shake a po' the square, appeared recently demotivata and extinguished. Sul forehead coach quite has been spoken about an arrival of Ettore Messina already from this spring. Premised that it is improbable that coach catanese lasci the CSKA to half season, less than mutinies, and fermo remaining that Messina is one of the best trainers of the planet, l' idea that it can become quickly already from head-coach in the NBA us seems flung rather. More natural a period from assistant-coach (also Mike D' Antoni began quite like Director of Player Personnel to Denver in 1997, and trained in Europe from 17 years to high levels) in order to acquire the necessary experience. And then as they would take the many to it assistants Americans that give years are making the gavetta with the hope sooner or later to conquer a lot yearned for park bench? At all we are in Italy? (Aridaglie…)VF
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I got lost at "Wizard".
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Originally Posted by bjjs View Post
I got lost at "Wizard".
Wizard = Il Mago

Crappy translation using some online translator
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That was not translation. Translations are readable that was not.
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What does Walt Williams have to do with anything?
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lol @ sentence structure..
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Originally Posted by Acie View Post
What does Walt Williams have to do with anything?
LOLLLL the wizardddddddd
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