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Apollo 10-23-2009 11:38 AM

Bargnani wants to be an All-Star this year, can he do it?
I was just watching The Score. They had a little five minute piece on Bargnani's NBA career to date. It wasn't a bad piece. At the end of it they talk about Bargnani's goal to be an All-Star. He wants it badly. They talk about how he put on 8lbs on muscle in a hope of helping him rebound in the paint. They get him in front of the camera and he talks about how he realizes the challenge he's placed in front of him is tough and he knows he won't get there without busting his ass and that's what he's doing. So, the question is do you feel he can be an All-Star this year or beyond?

My answer is no to this year and yes in the future...This season is not likely and it has to do more with others in the east than it does with him. Bargnani is competing against Howard and Shaq, two of the biggest vote getters in NBA history.

moremilk 10-23-2009 11:40 AM

I like him saying it, it's going to open some eyes in the states for people who still think he's some kind of adam morrison.

Superjudge 10-23-2009 11:43 AM

Talk is cheap.

I applaud his efforts to get strong, I just wonder if he is mentally intense enough to compete.

jeffb 10-23-2009 11:44 AM


He'll have a nice season, but unless he becomes a beast over night and averages 8rpg he won't even be considered. The fact is most people south of the border think Toronto overpaid for him and that he's a pussy. So unless he turns some heads with his rebounding, forget it.

Superjudge 10-23-2009 11:45 AM

.... that and 2-3 more blocks a night.

** let it be known I truly think he averages 2 more a game than the stats guys give him...but what can ya do.

'trane 10-23-2009 11:48 AM

he can be good enough, but there;s no way he's getting enough votes with shaq and howard in the east. and it's even less likely if you consider him a forward.

INSIDER 10-23-2009 11:48 AM

Realistically, he has no chance if he's up against Shaq and D12. but if any of those guys goes down with an injury, Bargs could be considered. If he can replicate what he did in the second half of last season; 19+/6+, but add another rebound or two, and block a bunch of shots - it wouldnt be a surprise to see him get some recognition.
Also, if we can field a winning team and we get some national coverage, i think the sky is the limit for him.
The main thing is that he's gotta be consistant this season and put up those kinda numbers everynight. if he does his thing for a few games then turns into the invisible man going 1-7 in the next, then theres no chance.
consistency is the key this season for Bargs to break out and make the non-believers believe.

Classic 10-23-2009 11:49 AM

yes only one of shaq and dwight howard will be voting it as starters, he will probaly have better stats then shaq, and some could take conserding, and they never ever put bargnani on the all star ballot so loll, if they do, i feel he should be a all star.

Superjudge 10-23-2009 11:52 AM

I dunno, if Shaq only goes for 10 and 7 or something..... he has a ....ok I can tsay it with a straight face.,

He has no chance.

Dann38 10-23-2009 11:57 AM

As long as his desire for personal achievement doesn't come at the expense of team goals then fine, shoot for an all-star appearance if that's what motivates him.
Frankly, I'd rather be hearing about how badly he wants to win.

zachus 10-23-2009 12:06 PM

Agree with 'trane, he'll be good enough, won't win the popularity contest though.

jeffb 10-23-2009 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by Dann38 (Post 253847)
Frankly, I'd rather be hearing about how badly he wants to win.

Every athelte says they want to win. Him saying he wants to be an All-star is basically him saying he wants to help this team win by being one of the best players in the league.

Dann38 10-23-2009 12:11 PM

Sorry, allow me to edit that: I'd rather he show us how badly he wants to win.

sunney 10-23-2009 12:12 PM

he would only get picked if the raptors are around that 5-6 spot and bargs is averaging 18 and 7 and if shaq is having a bad year, then he would have to be in as a reserve. I dont think he can average 7 rebounds though so maby in a couple years.

Benzo 10-23-2009 12:12 PM

The answer is yes

zachus 10-23-2009 12:13 PM

I'm not worried about Andrea's priorities. Dude gets awkward anytime a reporter asks him about his personal stats, Belinelli and Calderon too, there's no way he's putting personal accolades before winning, don't think it's in his psyche.

Windex 10-23-2009 12:19 PM

not until he moves to PF

moremilk 10-23-2009 12:30 PM

if he averages 20/8/2 and we're #4 or higher around february, he could get in as a reserve. Shaq will not start before howard, and if the Cavs dissapoint (almost a guarantee given the expectations), it's not impossible to see the coaches reward andreea.

But that's a ton ifs, the biggest one being 20/8/2 - I just don't see it this season.

Superjudge 10-23-2009 12:34 PM

shaq doesnt need the coaches, he can get the votes

.40 Cal Flakes 10-23-2009 12:40 PM

If Bargs puts up numbers like he did second half of last season + 2/3 more rebounds per game and actually gets credits for his blocks then he should be an all star. Unlikely though as the all star game is basically a glorified popularity contest and he likely won't get much love south of the border.

Just to add, I think Bargs should be getting more touches/shots per game...just as much, if not more than CB4.

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