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Dr. J. Naismith 09-02-2008 01:10 PM

Arsenalist: "Jamario Moon needs to make a jumper"
What do you guys expect from Jamario this season? I mean, from a offensive perspective. More of a driver & slasher going hard to the hoop, or more of an "dead-eye" shooter but hopefully ... and I mean hopefully with some more accuracy and consistency? :confused2:


Originally Posted by The Arsenalist
Our roster doesn’t have much depth on it this year and its imperative we got the most bang for the buck out of every player - especially the starting five - if we want to compete for home-court advantage. The guy that’s not getting mentioned much this summer is Jamario Moon who last I heard was representing the Raptors out west in Edmonton and playing hoops in someone’s driveway. We obviously expect improvement from Bargnani next year but if Moon even repeats the feats of last season, it’ll be considered a disappointing year. He must get better and make up for the lack of a true SF signing. It’s asking a lot.

I’ve accepted that he’s not going to be a player that consistently takes it to the rim even when the opportunity is there so I’ve switched expectation gears. If he just drains the 15-18 footer with dead-eye consistency, it’ll open up things for us. Last year we got angry when he started taking those jumpers, this year I’m hoping he takes them and makes them. If Bargnani’s off-season regiment involved working on footwork, getting stronger and developing post-moves, Moon’s should simply involve launching 1000 jumpers a day.

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jeffb 09-02-2008 01:35 PM

He needs to quit chucking up 3's. He needs to take mid range jumpers + go to hoop a few more times per game.Be more agressive going to the rim.His defence is pretty good and his ability to block/alter shots will remain a huge asset, but his offence needs to be more defined.

Snooch 09-02-2008 01:43 PM

He had a Total Shot Percentage of .540 last year and an Efg% of .520. He shot much better from the feild after the allstar break.

If he could imporve his handles and taking care of the ball (he was seventh last year in turnovers :( he will be fine.

With JO on the team now I would expect for Moon to be more aggressive as far as defending the perimeter instead of shot blocking as well as leaking out of team rebounds for possible fastbreaks and alley oops.

dfunkie1 09-02-2008 01:51 PM

i don't care about moon's jumper. he's never going to be a offensive star, so there's no reason to get bent on the idea of him having dead-eye accuracy from anywhere. i'd rather him concentrate all his efforts on becoming a smarter basketball player, most importantly on the defensive end.

Ball Don't Lie 09-02-2008 01:52 PM

Yeah Jamario shot 52+% from the field if I'm not mistaken in the 2nd half of the year, him being in there on offence didnt hurt us as many seem to believe. He was making open shots pretty consistantly, and if he keeps doing so then his driving opportunities should open up, but we shouldnt be expecting him to be a guy that take it to the basket off the dribble on his own anyway it should really only happen if he gets a guy up in the air off the threat of his shot.

I only expect him to get better this year which likely includes a better 3 pt shot. He should just do what Parker does and space the floor from the corners since its a much easier shot anyway.

And Bargs should be JOINING Moon in shooting 1000 shots a day. I'd bet Jamario shot at least 5% better than Bargs from midrange this year. I hope that was just Bargs' injury coming into play, if not then it is a problem with his footwork and shooting mechanics because too many times off pick and pops this year he was wide open and couldnt even knock that shot down. I hope he comes into camp in the best shape of his life this year.

Snooch 09-02-2008 02:11 PM

I would like to som of Kaps at the 2 with Moon at the three this year to save some wear and tear on Parker.

Ugo Ferst 09-02-2008 02:22 PM

Moon just needs to be told to never shoot imo, just get garbage basket, never run plays for him, but if he is WIDE open take the shot or drive, otherwise defer to Chris, Jose or Jermaine.

Superjudge 09-02-2008 03:30 PM

What he needs is to shoot 3000 a day, not 1000.

Ya, he shot 520, but it wasn't like he was shaking guys for his jumpers like most guys have to, he was wide open, all the time.

Put any other guy out there on the team, save for the big guys, and they will knock down 70% of those shots if they know going in nobody will be guarding then. Team let him shoot because he is more dangerous to them hitting at 50% for his 4-5 attempts a game if he's taking it at them constantly going to the hole, so they shut down the lanes and give him his 10 points. Think thr Magic wearn't licking thier chops that both of Toronto's 3 men were allegic to the paint, making Dwight Howards job easy, and keeping him on the floor.

Nope. Jamario needs to hit these shots at a 70-80% clip, if he does, he'll pull them out, sure his percentage will dip, but look what happens to the rest of the floor..... open lanes.

Gurk 09-02-2008 05:28 PM

I remember last year he started shooting too many 3's. If he can stop shooting them and instead go to the rim that will make him a better player than last season

Superjudge 09-02-2008 05:48 PM

well ya, but thats when the offfence stalls Gurk....

other teams want just that.

Gurk 09-02-2008 05:54 PM

But we don't SJ, we don't

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