Armstrong: DeRozan, Dorsey and effort
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Arrow Armstrong: DeRozan, Dorsey and effort

1. DeMar DeRozan: He's been really good his past few games. Why? First of all he has to be. With all the injuries, he's moved up the pecking order as an offensive option and getting more quality play calls run his way early in the shot clock. He's also been really assertive with his dribble creating more chances and he seems more confident with his handle. DeRozan is finishing better as he gets by his defender into the lane at the second and third defenders and absorbing the contact.

His mid-range game has become more effective and you have to respect that he can nail the 15 footer with consistency. He's got a ways to go but this stretch of injuries has force fed his development and that's a good thing.

2. Joey Dorsey: I think I've said this a few times already but I'll say it again, I respect this guy. He gets the most that he can out of what he has. At the end of the day, that's what you want from a player. Nothing fancy or pretty just all out effort and grit. It's nice to see.

Hopefully, the FT percentage improves. He's doing good things to get fouled, now he needs to punish his opponents by sticking free throws.

3. EFFORT: We're 33 games into the season and there's still a long way to go til the finish line (49 games) but I've got to tell you this team in spite of talent and physical deficiency issues that need to be fixed in the future, plays the game as hard as they can with pretty good regularity. Yes, they're have been some clunkers, no doubt, but on the whole I've like the heartbeat, soul and passion this group has tried to exhibit.

When you're losing it's important to keep an eye on which guys keep after it and which guys fade on you. It helps you determine who the 'winning personalities' are. You don't want 'front runners' you want talented people who give it their all, ALL the time no matter how adverse the circumstances. It tells you a lot about who you can trust.

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Joey would be beast if he was a couple inches taller! But I think he can hit free throws better than Dwight.
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Originally Posted by FoldedLaundry View Post
Joey would be beast if he was a couple inches taller! But I think he can hit free throws better than Dwight.
I don't know. He really suck at FT shooting at Memphis and so far in limit shooting in the NBA its not much better.

He was a career 42% FT shooter in 4 years at Memphis. Howard worst year shooting FT is 57% in the NBA.
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Dorsey has played a total of 395 minutes in the NBA. Before he came to Toronto he only played 112 minutes. I'm liking what I see so far. At worst, he will be baby Reggie Evans just grabbing rebounds, at best he will be a baby Dwight Howard using his strength and getting buckets near the rim. If he improves to 60%, even 50% FT shooting in the next year I'll be happy.
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