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Why is this even a thread??
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Originally Posted by brianso View Post
Why is this even a thread??
Raptor fans .... What we going to do analyze the games?
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Wasn't too long ago people wanted to Amnesty AB...

Give Amir the benefit of the doubt..
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Not a chance what so ever, makes no sense to amnesty him
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No sense in amnestying him. If it comes down to it, we can get good value for him in a trade - he is paid reasonably for his usual performance. Of course, I'd prefer to just keep him - he's the perfect 3rd big.

So for trane's example, if we need a little extra money, I'd prefer to amnesty Kleiza - who has been solid but inconsistent for the team. If we are planning to need a lot of money from the "amnesty" option, we should be looking to trade Jose for an expiring and a pick, move Amir for an expiring and a prospect/pick and amnestying Kleiza if we can't find a similar deal for him.
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is back baby

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5.5 million this year
6.05 Million 2012-2013
6.55 million 2013-2014
7.05 million 2014-2015 unguaranteed.

25 year old pf who is willing to do whatever team wants, hustles, is averaging 6 and 6 with close to a block per game 56% from the floor. is a good guy, likes it here.

Yeah, prime candidate for amnesty

what a rubbish piece that is.
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