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pretty good mix, i can tell the effort put into it
just like i can tell the effort amir put in to improve his game, i'm pretty impressed with the fact that this year he's shown a dramatic improvement in his shooting ability
and the more i watch him the more i'm impressed with his finesse at the rim, those random hooks and layups have a really soft touch for a big man that gives the ball a chance to go in rather than just clang off the rim
i'll be completely satisfied with him once he figures out how to play aggressively on the defensively end without drawing those fouls, better D with less fouls will make him a very good player
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Great guy to have on any team ... he is a keeper
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Good mix man, Amir is a beast. He plays hard and works hard. His defense is getting better and he's able to create his own shot now. Great job Amir!
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Amir does everything right. Hustles for lose balls, gets rebounds on a nightly basis, and even hitting 18 foot jumpers. From this point on, I see Amir improving even more.
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Originally Posted by js12 View Post
Amir could have gave up when he signed that contract (Hedo "Ball" Turkoglu).

Instead, he never gave up his amazing work ethic. He brings his heart to the court every single game. He is definitely not the most talented player on the roster, but contributes a lot to a winning team. Detroit and Milwaukee missed out big time.
with all due respect Hedo and Amir are at very different stages in their careers.. but i love the signing now, in the off-season i was weary of it but tbh he hadnt been given enough minutes to prove that contract to the fans before this season, but obviously BC sees him in practice everyday and knew the level that he can play at, Amir has been the one player this season that has consistently pleased me. This team needs more players like him
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I was always a huge fan of AMir. I remember allot of the RF guys here really bad mouthing his contract.
This season he has been a beast and all the doubters can eat crow.
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Amir has been great lately, he might be turning a corner. It's pretty clear that he and Davis can't play together, but we might have the luxury of having a major trade chip in a couple of years if Davis fulfills his potential.
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Nice article on Amir's development.

Always an active rebounder and willing, if not polished, defender, Johnson’s game has taken huge strides this year.

It began with a willingness to stretch defences at the offensive end with a mid-range jumper he spent plenty of time working on with assistant Alex English over the summer.

Defences could no longer ignore the fact that the jumper was in his arsenal and had to account for him away from the basket as well as underneath it.

But Johnson’s real progress has unfolded as Raptors began to visit the injured list in bunches.

The first step was finding a way to stay on the court.

Johnson was collecting early fouls at an alarming rate and forcing Triano to take him out of the game early in order to still have him around later.

Johnson has made huge progress in this department. He has by no means licked the problem — two early ones Friday against Minnesota earned him an early seat but the second foul had Johnson, his teammates and his coach all shaking their heads in disbelief — but it is no longer the nightly concern that it was in December when Johnson first joined the starting five.
A year ago it was Calderon and Chris Bosh operating in the high pick and roll or screen and roll accounting for a large percentage of the Raptors’ scoring.

Johnson isn’t Bosh, but he and Calderon have developed a similar chemistry to the point where Johnson is probably the Raptors’ best option in the screen and roll.

For the season, Johnson is averaging a modest 10.4 points and 6.7 rebounds per game.

The big strides have come in the past dozen or so games where the former Detroit Piston is averaging 15 points and 8.3 rebounds a night.

Off the court, Johnson is having an increased impact as well.

Throughout the 13-game losing skid, Johnson took to his twitter account to keep himself, his teammates and even the fans upbeat.

Prior to each game Johnson would tweet something encouraging. Whether it was “2night IS the NIGHT” which came right before the Minny win or “Practice makes perfect ... let’s sweat it out” which followed the Atlanta loss, Johnson seemed to be doing whatever he could to keep help the faith.
Johnson's just getting better | Basketball | Sports | Toronto Sun
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diggin it.

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Originally Posted by ReRoaR View Post
My name is Amir too(however I spell my name Aamir) and I hear that nickname all the time.
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