Alternate Stat for D?
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Default Alternate Stat for D?

I was looking through the ESPN team statistics for which team led the league in flagrant fouls. Why? Well, I thought it would be funny.

So, I stumble into the miscellaneous statistics category, and unfortunately the flagrant fouls statistic isn't there. But, there are some interesting numbers, so I start going through them to see which of them matches up best with the uber-stat: you know, the column of numbers in the newspaper with "W" as the title.

The best stat for this was:

Opponents assists per game.

Wow! It was a little surprising, but when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. This number will be low if your defenders are playing well off the ball and clogging up the passing lanes. I've never heard of anyone saying how important this stat is, so I thought I'd mention it and see what you guys think.

Here's the rankings for last year: (opponents assists per game, low to high)

1) San Antonio
2) Boston
3) Dallas
4) Houston
5) Detroit
6) Phoenix
7) Utah
8) Portland
9) Cleveland
10) Orlando
11) New York
12) New Orleans
13) Charlotte
14) LA Lakers
15) Chicago
16) Toronto
17) New Jersey
18) Miami
19) Indiana
20) Atlanta
21) LA Clippers
22) Sacramento
23) Minnesota
24) Philadelphia
25) Milwaukee
26) Golden State
27) Washington
28) Memphis
29) Seattle
30) Denver

As you can see, good teams are at the top and bad teams are at the bottom (with a few exceptions). Of course, this stat better reflects team defence than just wins, so a team that scores low on this stat, but high in wins, will tend to have a very efficient offense.

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Excellent correlation, and if one thinks about it a bit, it also underscores how much basketball is a team game and not a one-on-one exercise some teams are relying on so heavily.

It proves the importance of passing the ball on offence and the importance of disrupting the passing-based offence at the same time. Great find.
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Nice find
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reaaaally interesting.
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Dammit Raptors didn't make 0.500.
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We have to look at the bright side: at least Raptors will make the playoffs! Damn american media!
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wow nice research and good observation
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