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jeffb 06-30-2009 03:23 PM

Adrian Wojohowski of Yahoo sports on the Fan 590
Adrian Wojohoski was just on the fan590, here's what he had to say:

-No one player out there that's a consensus gotta have player
-Best FA....CV/Hedo/Gordon
-Carlos Boozer probably won't opt out
-Detroit is gonna try and get younger (interest in CV/Gordon)
-Longer they wait the less they get for Bosh
-Marion regrets turning down 10Mil per in Miami (won't get that now)
-Detroit will spend alot of money...two big names
-OKC won't spend much, save money for 2010
-Free Agency will drag out, teams will wait to see what the market bears
-AI wants to go to Charlotte (won't get MLE)
-David Lee wants to stay in NY....Memphis/Denver interested
-Milsap won't be in Utah if Boozer doesn't opt out. They can't afford both

Most surprising statement was he doesn't think AI will even get the MLE. :dead:

Admiral 06-30-2009 04:08 PM

yeah, its a little surprising but i guess you have to look at the teams with available cap space and then you have to look at what their primary needs are and rank the FAs that way, it kind of puts AI into the top of the middle pack which means most teams if not all will have already used most of their cap for the top group of guys and AI will be left if a low contract
its the way it always works, teams fight over the top FAs they need and many overpay and use up their cap and then the rest of the teams/players are left to use the rest of the money which is usually nothing

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