According to Hollinger... Raps > Heat!
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According to Hollinger... Raps > Heat!

Caught your attention didn't I? :jack:

Make of it what you will.... but it's actually true... at least for tonight!

Hollinger's 2013-14 NBA Playoff Odds - National Basketball Association - ESPN

As it stands he's predicting us to win somewhere around 50 games and have a 21.4% chance of making the finals (with an 8.9% chance of winning a title).

MIA has a 16.2% chance at making the Finals... and a 5.5% chance at winning it all (again).

We're also a shoe-in (100%) according to him to make the playoffs. :mu:
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it's been true since yesterday when miami lost b2b games. Before you flame the formula, understand that you have to read it like this. If Miami plays the remainder of the season the same way the played the last 10 games and we play the same way we played the last 10 games, we have a better chance than them.

which is not far-fetched - except we humans understand that Miami is only giving about 60% at this point in the season, while a formula doesn't ... Another major failing of the formula is not understanding injuries.

so take it with a grain of salt - while it's been proven a much better indicator than in-season standings in the past, it still had its shares of errors. I think people should look at it as an alternative standings to the standard w/l based. During the season, this alternate is better at projecting the final standings than the regular ones because it looks at things like SOS, home/away number of games and point differential.
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The heat are just experimenting with different lineups to go against Indy IMO and not too to worried about loses. They have the standing distance to do so and at any moment they will crunch you when it matters
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Who is Hollinger? #Clown
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I am a Raptors fan and I love what we are doing now, but we are no way better than Heat or Indiana.
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The hype is strong with this one
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Originally Posted by KoolAid View Post
Who is Hollinger? #Clown
Haha. DeRozan won't be saying that this time around. Hollinger was right then, so why not be right about this too.
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Miami is playing like Toronto did during the start of the second half last night. They are trying to win with offense and giving other teams way too many threes and too much confidence.

You win with defense, not just because you are able to shut down other teams, but with a lot of those teams it effects their defensive effort. You try to win with offense and let them get on a roll with their offensive options and suddenly they have lots of fight with their defense.

Demar had a really nice impact last night, but if he has to try to match what Joe Johnson is doing in a more free wheeling game, his impact is going to be negated or look to be negative altogether when he inevitably fails to play within himself. As it stands now Demar doesn't have to force too much, Amir and Valančiūnas can have ice cold nights, and they can withstand a few bad calls and a few bad mistakes. If they try to win with offense all that goes away, and games like last night turn into hugely disappointing losses like Miami experienced.

Would i say the Raptors are definitively better than the Heat? Not at all. But they are playing in a manner that does allow for a fair bit of equalization, and if Miami were to play as they are at the moment, they would have a tough time against us.
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