5-2 at home 2-8 on the road...
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Default 5-2 at home 2-8 on the road...

what gives?

-is Bargs turrible, but only when we're away from toronto?
-does triano only coach poorly on the road?
-does the team only commit to each other at home?
-if we suck so horribly, why have we beaten everyone at home besides orlando?

we all know the fickleness of raps fans. win and we celebrate, lose and we're the worst team in the league. sitting here 17 games into the season, how does the doom and gloom reconcile with the home record?
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It seems to me that when at home, their offence just clicks and they simply outscore the other team because they're comfortable. When they have to go into the unfriendly confines of another team's building they choke. Let's face it, the intensity level required to win on the road in entirely different and it's something this team has been lacking for years. Not just the physical, but mental toughness as well.
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combination of variables. Most teams score more at home anyways. And I really think Bargs needs to wake up. Early in the season he was doing so well but for whatever reason he's gone into a slump.
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Here are some details about the games:

Home games:

W - Cleveland (11-5) [The Cavs were on the 2nd night of a back to back]
L - Orlando (12-4)
W - Detroit (5-11) [The Pistons were on the 2nd night of a back to back]
W - Chicago (6-8) [The Bulls were on the 2nd night of a back to back]
W - Miami (9-7) [Miami's 3rd game in 4 nights]
L - Orlando (12-4)
W - Indiana (6-8)

Road games:

L - Memphis (6-10) (4-3 @home)
W - Hornets (7-9) (6-2 @home)
L - Dallas (12-4) (5-2 @home) [Raptors on 2nd night of a back to back.]
L - Spurs (8-6) (7-2 @home) [Raptors 3rd game in 4 nights. Lose in 4th quarter]
W - Clips (7-10) (4-5 @home)
L - Suns (13-3) (6-0 @home) [Raps are well rested. Almost win the game.]
L - Denver (12-4) (7-0 @home)
L - Utah (8-7) (5-3 @home) [Raptors on 2nd of a back to back.]
L - Bobcats (6-9) (6-2 @home) [Raptors on 2nd of a back to back.]
L - Celtics (12-4) (7-3 @home) [Raptors 3rd game in 4 nights. 7th game in 11 nights]

Some observations related to Trane's questions:

1 - We don't suck horribly. However, the Raps success at home can partly be attributed to a favourable home schedule. The Raps win the games they should win, like when tired teams visit the ACC. We never caught a break with Orlando, since they came in fairly well rested both times.

2 - It's too early to tell whether Triano coaches poorly on the road, especially considering the Raps have played one of the hardest road schedules in the league so far, at least amongst eastern conference teams. Does Triano help the Raps steal games? No. Does Triano cost games for the Raps through bad coaching? Too early to tell for sure, but it does not appear so. The Hornets have a solid home record and the Raps beat them. The Raps also beat the Clips, who you'd expect them to beat. The only really bad loss was to Memphis. On a night in which the Raps were well rested, Triano put his team in a position to beat the Suns, who are undefeated at home so far. The Raps also almost beat the Spurs on the road, too, but lost it in the last 5 minutes due to lack of energy and hustle; it was the Raps 3rd game in 4 nights. Yes, the Spurs were facing injuries. However, that same depleted Spurs team beat the Mavs in their next game, and the Mavs are 7-2 on the road. So, I don't think the Spurs loss can be chalked up to Triano, unless you want to say Carlisle cost the Mavs their game,too.

3 - Lots of teams need to be more committed, not just the Raps. This team just is not exceptional in terms of grit and toughness. They don't steal games. The Raps are not an elite team, but they are not horrible, either. With the exception of Memphis, none of their losses were games that people would say "damn, that's a game they definitely should have won on paper." The Bobcats are better than people think, as is indicated by their 6-2 home record. It didn't help the Raps were on a back to back. 5 of the Raptors road losses have come under either "back to backs" or "3rd game in 4 nights" scenarios. 2 of the other 3 losses were to teams who have yet to lose a game at home (Denver and Phoenix). If the Raps want to win more than 40 games this year, they need to start stealing games like they came close to doing against the Spurs and Suns.

4 - The Raptors have looked sluggish since the Denver game. They have played 7 games in 11 nights. Bargnani appears to have bit hit the hardest by this tough stretch. Bargs actually had a couple of decent games on the raod earlier on. All teams and players hit rough patches during the season, and it usually occurs under these conditions. It's not an excuse; it's a fact. NBA schedules are very unbalanced with stretches that are really tough and stretches that get really easy. I am really interested to see how the Raps respond in the first week of December. The Raps play 4 games in 5 nights. They need to fight through the sluggishness and steal a couple of those games. Things start to get easier near the middle of December. If in mid december the Raps are losing to eastern conference opponents who they should be beating, then the temper tantrums in the other threads MIGHT be warranted. But right now those tantrums are kind of foolish and they make me laugh.
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We're a jumpshooting team. It's MUCH easier to rely on jumpshots at home than on the road, when you don't have as much legs or energy. The good road teams are the ones who can generate easy points - on the fastbreak, off turnovers, in the post, etc.

Furthermore our defence is so bad that on the road teams just pick us apart, but at home we can reasonably expect them to miss easy shots just from not having the crowd or energy behind them. Usually (these last couple games being an exception) we also don't turnover the ball much, which is usually how road teams stick in games
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It's mostly about their energy or lack thereof. They have been more rested at home, and they get some energy from the crowd. ACGM has it right.
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great post again acgm.
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It really depends on how you look at this team, you can easily make a case for us being much better than the record, or much worse than the record. At the end of december we'll have a better idea - if we're close to .500, there's a good chance to hit 50 wins when the schedule gets easier.
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