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Dr. J. Naismith 03-01-2008 12:17 PM

3 Things Doug Smith Learned Last Night
Doug typically does his "3 Things He Learned" after each game, but this morning's observations are all ones that I find interesting and in some capacity glaring weaknesses depending on how you look at it. :(


Originally Posted by Doug Smith
Small experiment, small returns

The great Jose-T.J. experiment fizzled and itís probably the last time we see it for any stretch of time. But the reasoning behind it was solid: Everyone was getting torched by dribble penetration (like we havenít heard that before) and it was a futile attempt to get some quick guys on the floor. And trying something, anything because it was obvious 10 minutes in that none of the perimeter guys were getting the job done. Guess he could have stayed with them and the game would never have got close.

So, what do you now? It's been obvious that these two when on the court at the same time aren't effective on both sides of the ball, so who's going to bite the bullet and have their playing time cut? As we've seen lately Sam's giving Ford more and more time and I think its only a matter of time before we see a switch and back the the original arrangement that being Ford back in his old role as starter and likewise for Calderon as back-up. Ford getting limited minutes isn't going to sit well with him and I don't care if he said they other day in the papers that he's fine backing up Jose. He isn't and he won't sit without a fight in my opinion. :mad:


Originally Posted by Doug Smith
Heís gonna lose his voice

If Sam screams at Jamario to get up on the perimeter and guard his man one more time, I swear the coachís head might explode right in front of us. Half a dozen times every game it happens. And it generally ends with the rook on the bench. Itís the fatal flaw in Moonís game. And I donít know what you can do to fix it except scream at him, and wait for the explosion.

Again as I said last night, Jamario has quickly become very ineffective and something that Sam needs to address and not by screaming at him night in and night out. I suggested moving Delfino into the starting 5 especially if Bosh is gone for the next couple games. Let's use Moon's energy to come off the bench for the next little bit and see what happens. It can't hurt. :confused:


Originally Posted by Doug Smith
Mix and match

Hereís one simple and undeniable fact about this teamís roster: Of the four swingmen Ė Moon, Parker, Delfino and Kapono Ė you have no idea for sure what youíre going to get every night. Thatís why you see a lot of shuttling in and out of those two spots, trying to find the combination thatís working that game. And thatís why youíre going to continue seeing Sam shuttle the four of them in and out even in the playoffs trying to figure out whoís going well in any particular game.

Its those inconsistencies which are frustrating from a Raptors fan point of view because you never know what kind of performances your gonna get out of any of those four. That I believe will be top on BC's list of position(s) to address this summer. We need "forsure's" from our swing men, not "what if's" like we've been seeing all season long from these four. :(

Link - Click here

Ball Don't Lie 03-01-2008 12:33 PM

Moon doesnt trust his teammates to help behind him, thats why hes hesitant to get all the way up on shooters. It's sad to see our team with such good chemistry and trust on offence not be able to trust on defence. Pathetic really. You put Jamario on the Spurs and he'd be the next big thing, starting for them for years to come. Either way him and Parker are fucked, you get up on them too much and they go by you and theres no help its your fault, you dont get up on them becauseyou dont trust your teammates and let them shoot a semi open 3 its their fault.

Sams a donkey for not implimenting some sort of defensive system that the players know and can rely on and know where to be. COTY is such a joke.

Benzo 03-01-2008 12:36 PM

Totally agree, which is why I don't think Jose is such a bad defender, he seems to be forcing the guy he is gaurding into help defense that just isnt there....or too late. ;)

The MVP of West Hollywood 03-01-2008 08:52 PM

Good article

Moon's been really really frustrating me lately. He hasn't been playing starter quality ball at all... But I also kind of feel Fino is the perfect bench player for us, he can step in and pump up our energy with steals and fast breaks. So I dunno. Maybe Kapono can take another turn? Whatever we try, it'd be best to start now so if it fails we can go back to Moon for the playoffs.

And yeah, it DOES seem like Calderon starting Ford backup isn't working as well. I think Jose's feeling the pressure of Ford on the bench, since he came back he's been like half as effective as he usually is. Surprisingly Ford is handling it well, but I dunno. It's just hard to demote Jose after the job he's done, but it should maybe happen. The other thing I've noticed is that since Ford came back, Kapono still hasn't taken a single three and isn't being set up often at all. I think he's probably better with Jose, to be honest.

Superjudge 03-01-2008 10:16 PM

Moon does a lot of things that the other players just won't do.

It's easy to critique his poor play, however, we do tend to ignore the good stuff.

Moon is all about intangibles.

pimpery 03-01-2008 10:51 PM

youll be off that wagon soon enough im sure

Superjudge 03-01-2008 11:01 PM

yes pimp.

its a wagon.

thanks for helping me out.

what was I thinking.

pimpery 03-02-2008 01:25 AM

np. turning a blind eye to his defensive and offensive mistakes on a nightly basis (yes every night, he isnt even close to be a decent defender all he can do is block shots, and he isnt even the best rookie defender in the league, its just on such a piss poor defensive team he looks better then he is) can only last so long my friend ;) obv thats JMO

Superjudge 03-02-2008 11:07 AM

sure thing kiddo.

sure thing.

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