08-09 Raptor Roster = Worst Bunch Ever
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Default 08-09 Raptor Roster = Worst Bunch Ever

Ok fine, ON PAR with the 02-03 roster in terms of winning mentality but I'm gonna slam my finger on the button and say they're the worst bunch just because in previous years we had a bunch of unknown secound rounder/undrafted quality or undeveloped star scrubs compared to this experienced "paper" quality team. This season is also very bad because we cannot win at home.

I think that its been evident this entire season that our core group of players are unwilling to hustle for 48 minutes. This isn't a rant thread, just wanted to point out some things since apparently we have some broadcasters and sports writers who read our forums. I also want to discuss the idea of a Bosh as a max contract player.

Tonight, the Bobcats were +40pts in the paint. That's by far the largest margin of points in the paint I've seen in a while. (22pts for us, 62pts for them).

I don't know what the philosophy of this team is. We're bad in all respects. We can't run, we can't play halfcourt, and worst of all we can't play D. If we're going to be a successful jumpshooting team I think the coaching staff forgot to implement essential defensive sequences because if the shooting isn't there, we've gotta be able to create stops in opposing offenses. Frankly, this roster isn't capable of doing so and its become evident that they're either hard headed and don't learn or as most have pointed out, don't give a hoodlum about playing D, because these elite athletes don't want to scratch their bodies.

The funny thing is the Raps started playing zone after the opening flurry of dunks from Wallace and yet they were still scoring at the hole. What a joke. For those who don't know what the zone is, its a team defense where all 5 defenders are crowding the paint and closing out lanes. The obvious major weakness to this scheme is that it allows open looks from the perimeter. Now lets take a look here... we can't stop layups and dunks because we're too soft while playing zone and at the same time we're giving away 3's and perimeter shots. That's one of the reasons why this team sucks ass. Four days of rest/practice and they didn't lead the entire game at home. I'd love to see the post game interviews and see what the excuse was tonight (Monday's excuse was that it was a back-to-back).

Now let's talk about Bosh and the inevitable "max contract" that we're willing to give him. Mr.Colangelo, I hope you're reading this. In business and basketball specifically, the highest paid amongst society and players alike have outstanding qualities and criteria that make them who they are. In my eyes, players that deserve max contracts are players who have leadership qualities and the ability to put his team on his back and stands up for his team mates. With the recession lurking the corner, jobs will be lost and people will be making less money and most importantly, the team cap will be decreasing. The question is, would you want Bosh taking up more than a third of your teams salary? Chris Bosh is a great player, no doubt. He's also a gentlemen and an ideal citizen who's by far one of the classiest players in the league. He's an outstanding role model, but when it comes down to playing basketball, Bosh does not have or show the winning passion to do anything and everything to win. Watching his career, it's safe to say that Bosh prefers the safe route out of any on court disputes. He's never gotten into opposing players faces, and has never reacted aggresively on cheapshots. The worst thing he's done was throw the ball off of Andrew Bogut's leg after he was blatantly pushed out of bounds on a play.

Anywho, Bosh doesn't possess the grittyness or toughness to lead a championship team and in some respects Shaq's comments have some truth. Giving Bosh a max contract in my eyes would by far be one of the largest mistakes the Raptor organization can commit. Not only does this cripple the overall roster, since so much is invested in him but it would give him the interpretation that he is a max contract worthy player in which he is not. When's the last time Bosh defended one of his team mates during a dispute? Bargnani is actually more franchise material, he doesn't back down from anyone even when English isn't his primary language.

Don't get me wrong, I love Bosh. But this is Paul Gasol all over again. I'm not going to say 4-men can't be marquee players because players like Barkley, Webber, Malone, Nowitzki and Duncan were go-to guys who were dependable for endgame decisions. We've seen Bosh flop on game deciders several times and this season is evident that our allstar can't carry the team. In my eyes, the definition of max contract players who are court leaders. Wade, Bryant, Lebron, Howard, Nowitzki, Duncan and Shaq, all possess leadership qualities and stand up for their teams. This brings me to the point of the matchup of Diaw and Bosh tonight. How many times did Diaw school Bosh in the paint?How would it look if our max contract allstar was being schooled by scrubs? Sure he's going to have off nights, but if our "superstar" is matched up with the likes of Laundry, Scola and Diaw all of which who make less than half of what Bosh is making now, let alone a max contract. Bosh should be embarrased to sign a max contract.

Individuals who deserve max contracts are players who are dominant, period. In my eyes money earned should be proportional to wins, even if it were for a guy who averaged 2 points and 30 rebounds. These are game changing players. Bosh didn't goto the line once in the second half. Let's be serious here, Bosh gets calls more often than not. I just don't see how our "leader" doesn't realize that he gets to the line everytime he drives to the rim. Bosh didn't goto the line even once in the second half. This goes to show how much our leader cares. True leaders like Pierce has and have won games by simply doing this (that's how the Celtics beat us in our first meeting of the season). Overall, this boils down to Bosh's and the Raptors in general, willingness to be physical and create contact.

Not gonna reminice on the old days, but the 01-02 was the closest thing we had to a championship caliber team. Vince Carter in his prime minus the whining, was a force to be reckoned with. He was a leader, took no hoodlum from anyone and got in his players faces. Now a days, the Raptors known as the softest team in the NBA. Actually, go and watch any of the playoff games in the 01-02 season and see how physical and gritty our team was. Defensively we were stable and offensively we were gifted.

I actually hope all the teams that we're playing watch the game tonight against the Bobcats and look to score in the paint, just to embarass us more just so in the offseason Colangelo can move everyone unwilling to throw an check for a foul.

In the end, I sincerely hope that if Bosh is traded, he goes to a contending team so he could be the second or third option; to be in the shadows of a true superstar, so he could realize just how much he's taking for granted playing here in Toronto, where the young and fans cherish him so much.

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lately I've been thinking and I think it's not that much of a mistake to give Bosh a max contract. Because in the end, what matters the most is the opinion around the league. As long as he has a great reputation, if we don't succeed after giving him a max contract, we can always trade him for a shitload of assets. I think it's very unlikely that Bosh will ever become a "bad" contract, regardless of how much he makes. Because let's face it, as long as lewis got a similar contract, there will always be somebody willing to go after Bosh .
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bosh is a woeful defender and his intensity level is at its highest after he gets scored on and spikes the ball off his head, not before getting schooled.
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the only guy who thinks Terrence Ross will be an all-star

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The short story for problems with this team is that we have awful defense fronted by the worst defensive PG and frontcourt in the league, our offense has 0 movement or system and our wings are dead last in the league, and we have the worst bench in the league... oh our play on both ends has quite possibly the least energy in a team I've ever seen

I'd be scared to see this team's low if our rebounding was dead last like it was at the beginning of the year.

I don't know if I can place confidence in a GM who built a team he projected to be the best Raptors team ever but ended up quite possibly the worst, and that's with almost full health, no lockerroom issues, and Bargnani breaking out. That error in seeing what makes a team good or not doesn't install confidence in me for BC rebuilding this team.

The way to fix this team is to see where our cheif problems are and then fix them. That means trading Jose and finding a defensive PG (Hinrich is available), then trading one of Bosh or Bargs and replacing them with a big who plays defense. Then use the draft to get wing scoring and penetration.

It might sound crazy but if our core was PG, PF, C core was Hinrich, Ty Thomas, Bargnani, this team would be infinitely better than it is now. Hey... I wonder what Chicago would want for those guys... is there a certain star PF on the market... hmm... I would love to rebuild this team around Hinrich, Ty Thomas, Bargnani, #7 pick, #12ish pick, with Jose, Marion, 3 mil, capspace to swallow bad contract as tools. If we were wary we could probably use our contract ways to move up to top 5 to get Harden, then find a way to get DeRozan by dangling Jose and our cap ability. Hinrich/Harden/DeRozan/Thomas/Bargnani... we're back to a 45 win team within two years and the picks are fine and if Harden and DeRozan are stars we're contenders... write it here.

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It's not like anyone foresaw this disaster coming before the season started. I think everyone just overestimated the abilities of our guys, especially Jose.
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thinking Stephen Harper has got to go.

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Don't you guys know Raptors have been told to tank the rest of the season.
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they wont pick any better than 7th however.
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This team lacks identity and is really quite soft. We NEED an authoritarian/disciplinarian coach who will enforce his coaching style and make sure that everyone KNOWS their damn role. ie. Kapono on the perimeter instead of attempting to drive, Bosh not taking 3s, etc.
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a Raptors fan

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How well do you think really think a soft team like the Raps is going to respond to an authoritarian coach? It's possible to carve out roles for guys with a coach that isn't necessarily a disciplinarian.
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