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6cubed 08-09-2011 11:34 PM

Why Do Lithuanians Not Post Here?
Plenty of Lithuanians engage in discussions about Linas Kleiza and/or Jonas Valanciunas on the main board but they rarely post in the Lithuanian section...

Why guys? Don't be shy and you can, should actually, write Lietuviskai (probably misspelled)...

Come on and show some activity here! Some topics:

- Eurobasket 2011
- Young players with NBA potential
- Rytas vs. Zalgiris
- Lithuanians in the Euroleague
- Why is Pocius leaving for Spain (shame Zalgiris considering Sonny Weems)
- Sabonis, Marciulionis, other legends

Let's Go!


Akerlyn 08-10-2011 02:46 AM

Most of lithuanians think that discuss about Rytas vs Zalgiris is shame for Lithuania (here)... because they think canadians or americans read it and think Lithuania sucks.

MARTYNAS 08-10-2011 10:01 AM

^ LOL. I dont think so... Just IMO, intelligent fans do not want to talk about that Z Rytas thing. Every time you talk about Zalgiris-Rytas, you gonna see so dumb haters around, and i ahte them...

Why I'm not posting here exactly? There are plenty of Lithuanian pages... This is Raptors forum, and I am here to see Raptors stuff and Canada fans.

But ok. Lets see. Lets talk. All at once, mixed bag... First random thing, Simonas Baranauskas get mad at me a lil, I feel hurt :)

- Eurobasket 2011.

You saw Spain-France game? Oh man, Spain just wrecked that.... wrecked team... Spanish refs were valuable bodies on the floor as well, but still...

- Young players with NBA potential

I think a lot of players are potential NBA ballers. But it looks most of them will stay in Europe. My favorites to play in the NBA maybe...
Tauras Jogela. People may say hes an asshole, but he is good.
Edgaras Ulanovas. Ugly left handed jumper, but he hits everything and just have no major weaknesses what so ever....

- Lithuanians in the Euroleague

No Euroleague yet. But IMO, 3 most interesting things are :
1. L. Rytas. We hope it advance, and I hope Jonas will have a chance to hit Euroleague once again.
2. Martynas Gecevicius. Olympiakos? I really thought - what, you not that good dude... But then I checked all the Olympiakos signings so far, what can I say, nothing fancy... Roster is weaker and Marty stand a chance to be a key player there.
3. Martynas Pocius. Real Madrid. Interesting. Martynas is my second most favorite player. Hope for the best. I just kinda hating on Real Madrid basketball team. That team looks so dumb... Messina was terrible, new coach looks kinda the same. You dont know your chances there. Some chuckers gets all the playing time there, while some great players sitting on the bench all the time. TO BE CONTINUE

- Why is Pocius leaving for Spain

CONTINUE... :D I believe Zalgiris was helpless in this case. Pocius' buyout was 700k Euros, money is on the table and nothing you can do about it. Not to mention, media says Pocius himself payed a part of his buy out...
Martynas is a young guy and he needs the change, to go further. IMO, Pocius love his teammates and everything, but he kinda hated on management. He is also a guy, who just loves to hit a big city, seriously. Kaunas was just too boring for his taste. And I dont know you heard this or not, Twitter rats Weems and Pocius talked about TV shows, and Pocius gave him advice not to watch it right now, save it till hes in Kaunas, because nothing else you can do there.

- Sabonis, Marciulionis, other legends

Nothing to say... Sabonis wants to be a new LKF president. Major upgrade, considering current president is racist old man...

Randomly entered Eurobasket1995 page 2 days ago. So I thought, lets go and check Sabas stats. Man, he had 23 rebound game... What a beast.
If you remember 1995 Eurobasket, both Marciulionis and Sabonis were injured, were wearing knee pads and played very slow tempo game. Still, Sabonis averaged 22p 14.5 rebounds, Marciulionis averaged 22.5p 4r. 5a. In comparison Vlade Divac numbers were 9p.6r. So Imagine healthy Sabas in the NBA....

zxcvbn193 01-27-2012 03:22 PM

Aciu uz paskatinima ir tikrai turetume taip daryti, kurti topicus ir chattinti, dalintis informacija ir idomiais faktais apie Lietuvos krepsini, zaidejus ir daug daugiau!

Nites 02-04-2012 02:25 AM


Originally Posted by zxcvbn193 (Post 605843)
Aciu uz paskatinima ir tikrai turetume taip daryti, kurti topicus ir chattinti, dalintis informacija ir idomiais faktais apie Lietuvos krepsini, zaidejus ir daug daugiau!

Iš tikrųjų! Jūs esate tiesa ventiliatorius šiame forume. Pagarba jums, pone..

LOG 02-13-2012 02:02 PM

As net niekad nemaciau kad cia yra lietuviu skyrius nes visada tik pagrindiniam forume bunu, gera ideaja :police:

LOG 04-09-2013 01:31 PM

Bump! :leo:

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